In less than two months, Americans will go to the polls to elect the next President of the USA. Given the war on terror, economic issues, elevated gas prices, slumping stock markets and a host of other challenges, this election turns out to be of historic importance. Sure, all elections are important. Nonetheless there are times in life when things build and build until they come to a head. I believe the USA is at a point where the next president will be critical to the direction of our futures.

So what I want to ask is the following………………DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK the following items MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL?

DOES ANYONE ELSE think voting for an AMERICAN rather than a Democrat or Republican MAKE ANY SENSE?

In other words, doesn’t it make sense to vote for the best PERSON? Political party should not be a deciding factor. Nor should gender, race or because someone is charismattic or a war veteran. Take some serious time. Do some homework. Its your obligation to find The best person for the job. Period.

DOES ANYONE ELSE agree that concentrating on solving America’s problems MAKES ANY SENSE?

Lets not get caught up in soap operas and things that candidates did 15-25-35 years ago.Quite bluntly, lets discuss what issues and problems we have to take care of and discuss options on solving them as best we can. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

DOES ANYONE ELSE think Listing all issues/problems, and Prioritizing them in Order of Importance MAKE ANY SENSE?

There are plenty of issues to discuss. Taxes, the economy, healthcare, education, immigration, gay rights, abortion and other human issues are just a few. Do we not all agree that without safety and national security, all others listed won t even be discussable? Does that MAKE ANY SENSE?

DOES ANYONE ELSE think that “opponent bashing” solves nothing and makes NO SENSE AT ALL?

What good comes of bashing another constantly? Lets stop bickering and work together. How refreshing would it be to have two candidates just share with us some potential ideas and SOLUTIONS to daily issues we all face. Excuses and blame are useless.Excuses and blame are for losers. The past is “in the books”. How do we move forward best to face our challenges to the best of our abilities? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

DOES ANYONE ELSE think Country Unity rather than Seperation MAKES SENSE?

United we rise. Divided we fall. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that people working in unison will achieve far more than people with their own agendas. Well coordinated teamwork will always trump individual and selfish efforts. Take a look at the great sports teams. The 60’s Green Bay Packers , the 80’s Boston Celtics and the UCLA college hoop Bruins of John Wooden come to mind, as outstanding nexamples of teamwork at its finest. The last I checked, our nation is known as the UNITED States of America. Surely, THAT MAKES SENSE?

DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK the company you keep is important and MAKES SENSE?

Many a book has been written about the company you keep reveals a significant amount about yourself. Should we be observing the company our candidates keep to get an idea into their own character department? Family, spouses, friends, social network, and others you choose to spend your time with speaks volumes. Does THAT MAKE SENSE?

To sum up, everything listed above is simple common sense, isn’t it? Knowing that the next election is of extreme importance, lets do our homework while keeping things as simple as we can.

Selecting a human being who’s best for the job. Identifying and prioritizing our challanges. Coming up with options and alternative answers to our problems. Solutions and results rather than blaming and excuses. Unity as a team, unity as a country to provide strength and stability. Keep and choose good company to share time with.

DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK these simple things MAKES SENSE? I sure do.

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