Can you do it? Sure, we know you have your desires and dreams and goals but can you detach from all of that for three minutes and forty seconds? It is our fervent hope that this post will allow you to expand your horizons and attract your ultimate desires into your life.

How do you become Happy? There is really only one way to become happy and we will give you that age old secret right this minute. No we won’t package the secret and try to sell it to you. We will just give you a gift of this high knowledge right here and here it is. To become happy all you have to do is make a firm decision to be happy this minute: Happiness is nothing more than a decision you make. There really is no other way to be happy. Nothing, no thing can make you happy without that decision.

So what is left? We have mentioned detach and decide. What about relax. O.K. were going to help you with this one in a very unusual way. We are going to give you a quite enjoyable music video test. Sure we know that most of the people who visit our site are adults and not teens. Teens are usually too busy living life to be thinking about how to manifest health, wealth, love or happiness in their lives.

Now we know that our viewers of this site are some tasteful people. They have very diversified tastes in music. Some like rock, jazz, classical, country and oh so many more genres. They usually don’t like young teenagers music. So imagine if you went to the Himalayas to find a guru and you spoke to all the Tibetan monks and all the gurus and all the Tibetan monks told you that when they want to feel good, they play this one certain music video that we have included here. Then knowing this, when you see the video you really start to laugh. You ask yourself how could these wise men watch this video and why does it make them feel good?

So this is your test. We want you to watch this video and not criticize or critique it. We want you to notice only positive aspects of this video. For instance: Is the lead singer cute and lively and refreshing? Is she a dynamic performer? Is the song catchy? Can you feel good energy watching it? Even though you usually would never listen to this kind of music or watch a video like this, did you decide that it makes you happy anyway for some strange reason?

Now, of course, we insist that in order to pass this test and feel the benefit of your new positive outlook and happiness, you must answer yes to all the above questions Any time during your viewing of the video that you feel a critical or negative thought, you must send it out of your skull. Don’t try to figure out why the Tibetan monks love this video or why it has become the Dali Lama’s theme song. Just laugh about all that. Now it is time for you to test yourself.

Follow these instructions carefully. You may want to watch it more than once until you are able to detach, relax and decide to be happy and look at things positively. Always remember negative thoughts bring you negative circumstances. Positive thoughts bring you positive circumstances. That is just the way certain universal laws work. If you continue to buck up against that and not believe it is true you will see that no negative thoughts can bring you positive experiences in life.

Remember this important note: If you find yourself being critical of this video and having negative thoughts then you are not someone who is able to detach, relax and decide. And, this will be an answer to you of why you have the experiences and circumstances that you observe in your life. But, if you can be happy for just three minutes and forty seconds a day, in thirty days you will see wonderful experiences and circumstances attracted into your life. So don’t give up. Watch the video every day for thirty days once you are able to let it make you make the decision to be happy. And as inane or stupid as this may sound>We have proof that it works and is just one method of perspectives for you to attract health, wealth, love and happiness through this simple experiment.

Take the music video test by clicking on the link below and make sure you enlarge the video for a better test experience. (YOU MAY HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THE LINKS)

If you just can’t feel good, no matter what, than we suggest you take the very brief cool person test by clicking on the link below: Be warned: don’t click the below link until you have watched the video or test results may not be accurate.

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Seth Manne is the inspired author of the newly published book entitled "MANIFESTING THE ULTIMATE: PERFECT HEALTH, MASSIVE WEALTH, TRUE LOVE AND INFINITE HAPPINESS. The book offers what Mr. Manne calls the "missing element" in 99% of the presentations relating to Law of Attraction on the market today. Law of Attraction is a term that was coined by an author about one hundred years ago and it is experiencing a new found popularity due to a certain leading author in the field of manifestation.

Seth Manne is an expert on the "Seth Material" which was written by Jane Roberts. Jane was a best selling author and known in some circles as the mother of literary channeling. She died in the late 70's but still has a massive following. She channeled a conscious energy mass who called himself Seth for lack of a better name. One of her best selling books opened with the line "I am writing this book even though I am not focused in a physical body". Though her premise involving channeling was difficult for some people to accept, her body of work has been hailed as trail blazing masterpieces of New Age thought.

"I do not care for the term New Age, but it can take nothing away from Janes/Seth's writings". Many of today's finest authors in areas of metaphysics and parapsychology give credit to Jane Roberts and the Seth Material for leading the way regarding the popularity of Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction was simply referred to by Seth as a "univeral law".

Seth Manne has spent the last 40 years studying parapsychology, metaphysics and quantum physics and his latest work reflects the culmination of those many years of study. Personal cause and lodestar: To Promote Respect For The Awareness And Dignity Of The Being That Is Human.

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