Business card printing is not new in the corporate world. It has been a long-running business with very little advancements through the years. Avery Dennison, however, has just made one innovation that will certainly bring back the hype that once surrounded business card printing. With the company’s new Clean Edge Two-Side Printable Business Cards, entrepreneurs will experience a renewed desire to have business cards made and hand them out as well.

Double the usefulness

Avery Dennison is the leader in office supply products and the company has reaffirmed their desire to continuously innovate the world of office supplies by introducing a new way to do business card printing through their Clean Edge Two-Side Printable Business Cards. The concept behind this is obvious: Print text and images on both sides of your business cards to make them twice as useful.

The Clean Edge Two-Side Printable Business Cards allow you to produce professional-quality business cards with two sides. These cards allow you to do your designing and business card printing on your own. The cards work with both ink jet or color laser printers. Avery's patented Clean Edge technology ensures that your business card printing will result in cards with smooth, non-perforated edges for a professional look and feel. In addition, the Clean Edge Business Cards have a special coating on both sides of the card, which assures you that your images and text will be crisp and vibrant when printed.

Get creative

There are a countless number of ways to innovate your business card printing through Avery’s new Clean Edge Two-Side Printable Business Cards. Businessmen and women can get creative with how they utilize the extra side of their cards.

This inventive way to do business card printing is useful for people from all walks of life. Doctors, for instance, may want to use the backside of their cards to list specializations, clinic hours, or maps. Salespeople may want to use the backside of their Clean Edge Cards as advertising space for their newest products. This backside can even be used as a discount coupon that can be handed out to customers.

Designing and printing made easy

Business card printing is made easy with Avery Design and Print Online, a free web-based, Clean Edge-compatible tool that can be accessed at This software allows you to conveniently import company logos and other pictures. You can also browse for images in the Clip Art Gallery. Avery Design and Print Online allows users to design their own business cards using hundreds of predesigned templates. You can start from scratch, too, if you want.

Printing the cards you design is just as simple. Avery Design and Print Online allows users to print their business card designs from anywhere they have Web access and a printer. This is very handy for, say, a businessperson who needs a stack of last-minute business cards before they head off for a convention or acquaintance party. Avery Design and Print Online makes business card printing a breeze.

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