This picky eater looks like a feather duster with legs. It is small, weighing only 3-7 pounds and stands 7-12 inches at average. Its fur, which makes it look bigger than it actually is, comes in many colors, usually solid. Some colors may include black, brown, orange, and even blue. Many consider this breed to be very cute, primarily the ladies. It has a feathered tail curving over its back, and ears that stand pointed. Many people can't resist getting this cute dog as a pet - very popular among the ladies. It is well suited for indoor living, because it doesn't need much exercise.

Living in a small house or an apartment won't be a problem. All quarters look big to this little dog. The Pomeranian is a very affectionate dog. It needs an abundance of love from its owners. They should also be given a lot of attention. If you don't, it'll get depressed. It will do thinks to catch your attention such as barking. A pom fancies human companionship. It enjoys socializing and being cuddled by people. Allow it to hang around other pets as well, but keep an eye on it while doing so. Do not expect it to get along with every pet it meets.

It may be tiny but it won't have second thoughts of backing down from a fight, even with bigger dogs. It's brave, but any fight can cause serious injuries to this dog. A Pomeranian will require behavioral lessons and training. It can be very stubborn if it doesn't receive proper education. Start while it's still a puppy. Be gentle with it, but let it know that you are its superior. Push-overs never have their way with this dog. Be firm and patient - remember that you are dealing with an animal, so give it some room. It packs a “big brain” for its size.

It's an intelligent dog – you won't have much difficulty teaching it tricks. It loves praises, but do so only when it does something good. Give doggy treats for good behavior and obedience. Not too much though, it can get spoiled. This dog doesn't have much stamina, so if you've got an outdoor activity to do, don't take it along with you. Daily short walks and playing will be enough exercise for it. If you choose to let it walk around by itself, make sure that it's in a safe open area. It is a very sensitive pooch, a short fall can hurt it a lot.

Pay close attention to it while its running around. It has the tendency to wander off, and hurt itself in the process. Dog grooming is very important for this dog. It will need daily brushing - it isn't that difficult though. While bathing, pay close attention to its eyes and ears. This breed is a heavy shedder, therefore you need to have a vacuum. Being consistent in training sessions and fulfilling its emotional needs will transform it in to a very disciplined and lovable dog. It will make an ideal pet for all kinds of people, regardless of lifestyle.

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