This article comes from the experiences I had myself and workshops I have written to assist others in there "struggle with addiction".
First and foremost, what is addiction? It is only the result of abuse. To clarify this, I will break it down step by step.
Before any person gets to a stage of addiction and starts to seek help, they are happy, content and generally a good person. Then when a discovery has been made and it has been labelled as an addiction, the recovery path and the rest of your life onwards is and will be a day to day struggle. Don’t get me wrong, the abuse is not the right thing to do, we all know that. So why one person and not another. It is not the experience that person is seeking in this lifetime, that simple. This is the reason why so many people go back to rehabilitation centers, again and again. In my experience, the incorrect approach is used to find out why this person does this to themselves and others. They are not given the tools back which they lost. They need to be reminded what it is they truly want. To be guided to find that spark again. “show me what makes a man come alive and you will know the man" thus, because "we" society and the therapist tell them so. I say this, you the addict, is the abuser of the substance and of your body. The reasons for this abuse needs to be addressed before any other therapy can take place. You have to look in your self, your own truth, at what it is that forms the cause for this abuse. When you abuse the substance you identify with it as something familiar. The high or space you reach with the substance simulates the natural state of oneness, in a space of nothingness, where we all originate from. Thus the continues use, which becomes ab-use. This becomes repetitive and labelled habitual personality.
Some people when asked about them ever becoming an addict will say out right it will never happen to them, and it truly will never happen to them. My observation has shown that highly spiritual beings are more likely to be abusers. Therefore the abusers and addict is told by us "society, that addiction is hereditary", now there is no outcome. You are doomed for life to battle this thing we gave a name. And you are the name!!
Question? Should not any person be better off after kicking a bad habit? You were before you did all this no-sense. Then others have told you that you are worst off, and you believed then. Thank God believes can change. And this happens every day, we marry people from different religious belief groups. In order to do so we adopt another believe to get married.
By means of game playing music and meditation I have come to a self-help tool that last, and it shows you that you can burn that bridge called addiction and abuse. This is cellular learning and not cognitive, there for it will last.
Life is too good to go back on that path.


Author's Bio: 

Rev Andre Brink studies at the Metaphysics University of America and the University of Sedona, where he has acquired his Masters degree in life coaching. He is currently doing his PHD. He is an internationally accredited Minister of Metaphysics, non-denominational. Andre has assisted many people in the last five years to make profound shifts in their lives. He volunteered at SANCA where he worked with the in-patients. This has proven to be a very successful and popular form of therapy for the patients.