If you would like to cure anxiety panic attacks, natural methods are better for you. They can produce the same results as conventional means and are generally safer.

Obviously, not everything will work for everyone. This is important to understand so that you're not disappointed if something doesn't work. Individual results vary.

It's the same with drugs. Some have an effect on you and others don't. Some people experience side effects while another has no problem whatsoever.

There may also be sexual side effects. Viagra sales may go up (amongst other things!)

Long-Term Drug Use Can Cause Other Health Problems

Some negative aspects about drugs for anxiety panic attacks include side effects, obviously. You can also develop a tolerance in which case, you'll have to take more, or try something else.

Generally, drugs 'mask' the problem and make you feel better. It doesn't really address the cause. A natural way to treat anxiety and panic attacks makes more sense.

There are many ways to naturally reduce anxiety and panic attacks. I will outline some of the best ones I know of and these are highly recommended. You may have success, or you may have to try another method.

This is not unusual. It's the same with antidepressants. You may notice that after 3 months, there's no change at all. What do you do? You go back to the doctor and you try something else. Those who have been through this will know what I mean.

3 Excellent Drug-Free Choices

The Linden Method is arguably the most famous and popular program to rid you of anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. It's more for someone who learns well by listening. This program has helped thousands with their panic and anxiety.

Panic Away is perhaps the next most well-known method. It's an e-book that you can download in seconds and it's a little over 100 pages. Joe Barry, the creator and ex-sufferer makes a lot of sense. This program helped me as well.

PureCalm is a homeopathic medicine that seems to work like an antidepressant without the side effects. You place a few drops in water or juice. It not only relieves the panic, it reduces the frequency.

There are many other methods for those who prefer a drug-free way. These are 3 of the best I've found, which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.

There's also yoga, diet change, hypnosis or even a holistic approach you could try.

Even if you don't cure your anxiety and panic attacks, natural treatments are the safer and healthier way to go. Explore for yourself and decide which ones you feel may be the best for you.

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