The stages of Spirituality;

1st -- Atheistic. Think they know all they need to know. Say “I Know” a lot, but are insecure. Denies a Higher Power. Depends on self and willpower.
Stage 1 people don’t ask for help in times of need or pain.

2nd -- Agnostic. Ask for help by conforming to a group of like-minded people. Depends on the group. Think the group “knows”. Stage 2 people think the group belief is the only right one. The more closed-minded the group, and the more the belief is set in stone, the more they like it.
Stage 1 fears 2 because they have the support of a fellowship.

3rd -- Independent. Rebellious. Searches for truth, for someone who “knows”. Questions accepted doctrine, challenges the all rules. Sees the possibility of a power greater than the self. Depends on knowledge.
Stage 3 people educate themselves, reach for wisdom through information.
Stage 2 fears 3 because they are learning “New Things” --
they might prove 2’s information to be wrong

4th – Finds a truth; realizes that having information does not mean wisdom, knowledge, or understanding. Finds that Man doesn’t “know”. Develops faith, becomes secure. Accepts the existence of a higher power and relies on it. Stage 4 people freely admit, “I do not know”.
Stage 4 is the beginning of interaction and interdependence – Spirituality.
Stage 3 is in awe of 4 because 4 people know they don’t know.
This is a lesson stage 3 has yet to learn.

We hold on to our old beliefs until the new have been proven.

People in each stage are in fear and awe of those in the succeeding stages.
Every person had some of each stage within them at any given time.

When we admit we do not know, the quest of Spirituality can begin.

Spirituality is the state of being Spirit-like.
We are Spirit; wrapped in individual containers,
and gifted with many kinds of energy.

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Hungarian born, former Tennis Pro, Corporate President, Talent Agency owner & heroin addict. Publishes "One Way;The Quest & The Truth", a book that presents truth & Oneness as the solution for life problems.