January 20 – February 18

Birthstone: Aquamarine
Abundance Stone: Quartz

Your birthstone Aquamarine promotes spiritual awareness and also aligns you with your purpose in a gentle steady energy. It also balances you out when you are feeling overwhelmed or you find yourself involved in situations that don’t serve you well.

You can find yourself involved in situations of wanting justice for almost everyone and can see the changes that society need to make and can even feel responsible for these changes, and again Aquamarine helps in balancing out these feelings when they get out of control.

An Aquarian is usually ahead of the game, so to speak, and is the first in line to make changes to make things better. Wearing and/or carrying a Moonstone supports you in accomplishing anything new. You can use Blue Celestite to bring peace and tranquility into your life and it also assists in tapping into the spiritual side of your life.

When you feel overwhelmed with change and the energy of the Age of Aquarius, wear or carry Labradorite, as it will create calm in your inner being and also in all the outer energies around you. Even though you are attracted to the new beginnings, you also tend to be aware of all different kinds of vibrations and intuitively know how to bring any imbalances of vibrations back into balance.

Magnetite is a crystal you should carry and/or wear at all times as it is essential in you keeping your balance and staying tuned into your inner being. It also assists you in your healing abilities which can be very prominent and it helps you stay connect to the earth and give you the ability to be steady with your emotions and feelings.

When your life feels like it is getting out of control use Fluorite to bring it back into balance and it also helps with any nervous tensions and disorganization which, can be a challenge for you, the reason for this is because you are ruled by two different planets, Saturn and Uranus, and to balance these out, again use Blue Celestite and this will bring you into balance.

The areas of the body that need extra attention for the Aquarian are the shines, ankles, circulatory system and the pineal gland, the crystals to use for keeping balance in these areas are Moonstone, Aquamarine and Bloodstone; these should be carried and/or worn all the time.

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