November 22 – December 21

Moon Crystal: Aprophyllite
Intuition Crystal: Lapis Lazulli

Your moon crystal, Aprophyllite, is sometimes called the Stone of Truth and this assists you in being true to your inner being. It also makes you feel more balanced in your body. When you carry this stone it will keep your physical and spiritual worlds balanced and it can also encourage journeys out of the body.

Topaz is important for you to carry as it lets you tap into your inner wisdom; when your moon is in Sagittarius you tend to be entertaining, fun, personable and optimistic. You also can lean towards speaking what is on your mind and the topaz will tone this characteristic down to where your speech will come out with more kindness. Topaz is also good to bring you abundance, joy, good health and emotional support; you should carry this stone always.

You need and require emotional freedom and space, if your relationships don't give you this, then you tend to move on to other and/or another relationship, this goes for romantic and any other kind of relationship. Emotional commitment is a challenge for you and you tend to dislike any sort of neediness or emotional demands. If you find you have real issues with this characteristic you can carry a Garnet, as it will assist you in making commitments.

Basically don't lie to a Sagittarius, as they will know when someone is lying, and always be alert to learning as they are always on the quest for learning something new, it is a need not a want for them. Honoring feelings is not a long suite of yours, however, it is something you need to do in order to be true to yourself, so carry a Blue Lace Agate and this will balance your fear of feelings so you can honor both your thoughts and your feelings.

If you find yourself having a problem with acting before you think, carry Jasper and it will tone down your impulsivity that comes just natural to you. Use Lapis Lazuli for spiritual connections of all kinds, it will assist in opening your third eye and enhance all of your spiritual paths.

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