December 22 – January 19

Birthstone: Onyx and Garnet
Abundance Stone: Ruby

If you are born under this sun sign you can tend to be on the very serious and follow the rules type person, however, that can be balanced out with a true sense of humor. Capricorn sun sign people, like structure and crave authority, if this sounds like you carrying an Onyx will create a balance in these areas.

Garnet is the crystal you want to carry to balance out any heaviness or stress of any sort, it is know to be the revitalizing stone and will bring serenity and calm just when it is needed. You will want to always wear and/or carry a Garnet with you, as it will keep you in toned balance. This could even be a great engagement stone as it encourages commitment and fidelity.

Many Capricorns love to climb to the top, and that is the top of anything, it can be a profession, a community or an organization or all of them. They love to work, organize and are usual task orientated. With all of this said, a Capricorn is an asset to any business, but usually they like something that they feel they can be in charge with and this is when it is good to wear or carry a Ruby as it will assist you in the ability to succeed and perform with great leadership.

Capricorns do not tend to become spiritually orientated until they have feeling of security in their personal and business lives, as most of their time and energy is in climbing the ladder and that doesn't leave much time for anything else. It is rather difficult for you to integrate the inner with outer until you feel you have the extra time for it, this is when it is good for you carry Azurite, as it helps balance this out and opens up your spiritual intuition and encourages more balance in this area.

The areas of the body that tend to challenge the Capricorn are the knees, skin and bones of the body, you can tend towards arthritis and what assists in relieving the pain and loosen up the joints is carrying or wearing Fluorite. If you tend to get bouts of depression use Amber to counteract these tendencies, it can bring light and well being to your mind, body and soul; and it is a great stone for healing, as it can help draw out the dis-ease in your body and it can heal faster.

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