Have you ever wondered about your spirit guides? Who are they? Whatrole do they play in your life and spiritual development?

My spiritual awakening began when I was six years old and gravely illwith pneumonia. I fell into a deep slumber and quickly flew through atunnel toward an incredible white light. It was like watching a moviein ‘fast forward’.

I found myself sitting on the branch of a tree talking to a little boyabout my age. His name was AlexZander. He told me that I must returnto my physical body and that one day we would meet again.

In 1954, when I was eleven years old, I journeyed with my mother fromBrooklyn, New York to Reno, Nevada. There, in the desert, at dusk,events unfolded like a Sci-fi novel. The car stopped suddenly. Thedriver, my mother, and I got out to find out what was going on. Something was wrong and we could all sense it. Space-time froze foreveryone except me. Interestingly, I remember not being afraid.

A diamond-shaped UFO appeared in the sky, its silver metal reflectingin the setting sun. There was no sound. I was taken on board. Now youmay think, "I heard all of this before…" but this was not your typicalUFO abduction scenario where one gets probed, implanted and programmed.I found myself in a circular room sitting on a bench next to AlexZander,who seemed to have aged along with me. We glanced at each other but saidnothing, a knowing existing between us.

In the center of the room was a column of lights and symbols that werein constant motion. A man and a woman appeared before us. They worewhite robes and seemed middle aged. They spoke to me of a time mydestiny would change the thinking of humanity, helping souls evolve tothe next level of consciousness. I didn’t understand the meaning oftheir words, but a connection was made – I was here to do somethingspecial. The male told me his name was Zoroaster but I should call himZ. He would ‘guide’ my journey until my mission was complete.

From that day forth, Z and I began a daily repartee, which stillcontinues. I had met my spirit guide and my life was forever altered. Zwould guide me into the worlds of metaphysics, science, media, teaching,healing, cyberspace, and more.

AlexZander did not return until it was time to write our book Sarah andAlexander, The Alchemy of Time. That was, in December 1989, after aseries of synchronicities brought my first computer into my life. Synchronicities are things and events that ‘you’ attract into your life,to help you experience.

Z urged me to buy the computer, telling me it would become part of mydaily life. I had never thought of myself as much of a writer… more ofa storyteller. But I had learned that one must pay attention to themessages from their spirit guides, your ‘inner voice’, if you will, soreluctantly I bought it and entered the world of the literature andlater cyberspace.

Christmas Day, 1989, I sat staring at the computer screen, not knowingwhat I was to write. There, before me, appeared AlexZander, just as Iremembered him from our first meeting. He told me that I was to write astory about a boy named Alexander who lives in another realm and comesto Earth, to meet a human girl named Sarah.

My first visual was 6 year old Sarah Manning, slowly crossing an oldwooden footbridge, with her grandmother, Rose Mandelbaum, on Labor Day1989. There in the enchanted woods on their estate property, TwinCrossings, Sarah plants a blue crystalline seed with a white dot, thatwill one day grow into a magical tree, with 36 white flowers.

Sarah returns to the tree on July 4, 1990 where she meets a boy her agenamed, Alexander. They spend a magical afternoon together, during whichAlexander acts as Sarah’s guide. He teaches her about the magic sheposses, that she will one day use in her mission as The Chosen One. Hegives her an amulet and she gives him a gold pocket watch. In 2012,Sarah discovers her destiny and finds herself in a race against time tofulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors.

There is nothing more powerful than understanding the connection withyour spirit guide, and sharing your journey together. A spirit guide isa non-physical entity who protects and guides your way.

Spirit Guides cannot prevent you from making the wrong choices. Thoseare the dramas you have chosen to play out. Spirit can only guide youthrough these situations until you are ready to release that which ispreventing you from creating balance in your life. At that point, youand your spirit guide will move towards a path of unconditional love,truth and spiritual enlightenment. Spirit guides cannot take away yourissues, but they can guide you to the resources that will help you heal.

We all have at least one spirit guide. Once you get to know them it isfun to communicate. They love to talk and often make jokes. Many of thefunny things we say, are thoughts we hear in our minds that come fromspirit.

Anyone can learn to telepathically communicate with their spiritguides. It just takes practice. You are probably doing it already, butdo not recognize that your thoughts are not your own. My website,Crystalinks, offers some free, simply lessons.

You often meet your spirit guides in dreams, meditations, near deathexperiences, or other altered states of consciousness.

Among the best times to ‘hear’ your spirit guide is just before you goto sleep or after you wake up. You brain is relaxed and moves from onestate of consciousness to another. The same is true of meditationwherein your brain goes from alpha to delta states.

You might want to try telepathically communicating with your spiritguide while take a bath or shower. Water represents the flow ofinformation between realities allowing you to ‘hear’ more clearly. Nowonder many of us are drawn to live near water. Spirit guides can alsoproject messages onto a steamed mirror in your bathroom.

Spirit Guides most easily communicate through thought form,(clairaudience), visual imagery, (clairvoyance), touch (feelingsensation on your body or a breeze) and smell, such as floral fragrances(clairsentience).

Spirit Guides can communicate using different tools of divination, suchas automatic writing, art, or music. Using a pendulum allows you to getmessages – if only the Yes or No kind. Ouija boards bring messages - ifyou know how to use them properly.

In times of emergency, you raise your frequency and connect more easilywith that which is above, on higher frequency, which includes yourspirit guides. You ‘hear’ and you pay attention!

Driving often produces a hypnotic effect allowing your guide to connectwith you. Be sure to pay attention to the road if you use this time tochat. When avoiding an accident, it is often your guide whose energiescome into your physical body, swerving your car to safety. You may heara warning message in your head before this occurs. Spirit guides oftengive messages through song lyrics, coaxing you to turn on the car radioat the exact moment to hear them. They may guide you to look at abillboard or the license plate of the car in front of you, which alsobrings a personal message.

Messages from spirit guides are everywhere if you watch for the signs. Once you make the connection, you will understand how spirit guides…

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Biography: Ellie Crystal followed her destiny, as guided by Z, and in1995 created a website called Crystalinks that gets close to one millionvisitors every day. In 2003, Ellie published 'Sarah and Alexander.' Itis also a screenplay so stay tuned… You can read more about Ellie andZ’s ongoing adventures, and order 'Sarah and Alexander', by visitingEllie’s website at www.crystalinks.com

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