What is the difference between creative expression and a true contact with Divine Consciousness?

This is a fascinating question to ponder, but a question that deserves the attention of all of us who are either creative and/or claim to have inspirations filled with Divine Wisdom. The answer to this question has many aspects worth considering. Entire books have been written about creativity and inspiration, but in this blog post, I will share some personal thoughts that I have as I ponder this question.

From the time I was a small child, I was writing songs and by the time I reached my twenties, I was really working at writing songs. In my thirties and forties I performed many original songs, and created one woman shows on social issues. My creative life was consumed with composing, performing and recording. It was great fun and hard work.

In my thirties, one day a song just “came to me.” I did not have to work at it. The song was just “there” as if it had already been written, and all I had to do was reach up and grab it out of the cosmos. The lyrics that arrived were very beautiful and inspirational. I also noticed, that I went “someplace else” as this song was born. I was not at all in my “work a day” state of consciousness. It was as if I was in a waking dream. While I realize that many creative people have spoken of this kind of altered state of consciousness, I do believe that when we begin to “go someplace else” there is the possibility that this is a jumping off point for a journey into spiritual realms. It a sense, it is an invitation and one can either accept or decline the invitation. I accepted it and opened myself up to what I did not know.

In my forties, I began to channel. I was drawn to a book on channeling and decided to give it a try. My whole life changed as I entered spiritual realms unknown to me before. Naturally I felt that I might be having hallucinations, but tried to allow myself these spiritual experiments with as little fear as possible.

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Now my creative life was changing, and most of the songs I wrote came to me all written: both music and lyrics. And beautiful poetic pieces that changed my life, simply flowed as I went into an altered state of consciousness and recorded the words that I needed to speak. As time went on I felt more and more in communication with a Divine source, that I decided to name “My Guidance” and now call “The Energy.” I am very clear about the fact that this is a name that I have chosen. I do not think the Divine source can be personified, but because I am a human being with a human mind, I need to give whatever energy I am communicating with a name.

So how do I know if the words and the songs that flow through me are simply an increased use of my creativity or if I am really connecting with Divine Consciousness? This is a serious question for any of us who do inspirational work.

In my case, because I am a psychic medium doing readings for many people, I get confirmation on a regular basis that I am connecting with those in spirit. Through this work, I have come to firmly believe that our spirits survive the change called death. Because of the proof I have had, I am willing to consider that the inspiration I receive is also from the world of spirit, although inspiration cannot be proved in the same way that mediumistic evidence can be validated.

If you are having inspirational experiences, and if they are POSITIVE experiences, I urge you to take them seriously and consider what you are learning from your inspirations. I have always found the Divine to be positive. However I caution you to always BACK UP THE ADVICE YOU RECEIVE WITH FACTUAL INFORMATION when you have an important decision to make. Don’t sell your house because you think spirit told you to do it. Don’t avoid going to the doctor when you need to because you feel spirit has told you that you are okay. Unfortunately spirit cannot send us a fax or email to verify the message given to us. You could hear something incorrectly. Also remember, that all of us are spirit: you, me and everyone else on the planet. And so those professionals who help us such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents, are also doing spiritual work as they are spiritual beings. Choose people to help you that you feel good about, and let their advice be part of the advice you receive. You may find that often the inspirational messages you receive match up with the professional opinions from those living in physical bodies.

Creativity is a step in the direction of inspiration and revelation. Each one of us on the spiritual path will have a unique experience. Allow your creativity to flow and see where it takes you. Perhaps your spiritual experience will be deepened and enriched.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




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