Many of us have negative ideas duringcreative visualization and have been obsessed by this problem for along period, In fact, If we have clear guiders during creative visualization, we can easily conquer this problem. I am honored to introduce two simple and effective tips on this problem.

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What is the problem?

Many friends always come across many problems during creative visualization and negative idea one of them. For example, when we are image that we have a good temper, we sometimes can’t help recalling the scene of latest anger. Once we begin to tell us it is wrong to think of the bad scene, it seems a bit stronger and clearer. Sometimes we will even forget the original creative visualization on good temper and fall into the deep anger or regret of latest anger. When later coming out from this bad scene, we will begin to feel regretful and complain ourselves, and even worse, we will feel disappointed with ourselves and decide that creative visualization or imagination is not fit for ourselves.

In fact, creative visualization or imagination itself is an excellent and effective tool for improvement in our personal life. But why does this problem still exist? Generally speaking, this problem exists more in fresh than experienced friends on creative visualization. In other words, many of us have to experience such a stage to get improved on using creative visualization. Time of using and thinking of creative visualization is important. But we can cut down this time period through practicing more and some other easy steps.

What on earth do we want to get?
To get a better effect, we have to realize what on earth we want to get or want to solve. In my opinion, we really want to get a state -- A state of using creative visualization positively. That is to say, we want to draw positive feeling through creative visualization on health, self improvement, wealth and success, etc. Of course, it is also certain that we need to experience this procedure positively.

Easy tips to conquer negative ideas during creative visualization
We have to admit that we must practice more to conquer negative ideas. It is impractical to achievement in one move. But fortunately, all the practice we need are easy to learn and practice. We only need trying and adjusting ourselves according these tips.

1. Clearly write down detailed information on creative visualization you want to make

This tip is based on the steps in eative visualization a beginner guide - easy and detail steps on how to put it into practice. Lets recall the procedure:

a) Take out a blank paper and prepare some colored pens;
b)Write down your subject on creative visualization and your best expectation in large size font and bright color.
c)Draw a line below this subject.
d)Write down the detailed information on this subject, please refer to eative visualization a beginner guide - easy and detail steps on how to put it into practice;
e)Write down an affirmation on this subject using the form as below:
I am creating (getting, achieving) a …… (Please replace these suspension points with your
expectation) in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, for the max good of
all concerned.

This tip is a very important step for positive creative visualization because you can get the information you want to and need to get during creative visualization through this tip. If prepared well, what we need to do in creative visualization is just to recall what we have written down on the paper and with these information as guiders, we will certainly feel the procedure of creative visualization is easy and controllable.

2. Don’t resist, just put aside when coming across negative ideas

We can’t assure that there are not any negative ideas if prepared for the first tip well, but it is certain that there will fewer than before. But what we can do if we come across negative ideas? The answer is putting them aside and don’t resist them. Once you pay more attention to these negative ideas, you will get more of them no matter you want to resist or escape from them. The correct way is to recall what you have written in the paper and change them from text to image one by one. Once you have complete the texts you have written, you can try to complete the procedure of creative visualization.

An example – creative visualization on high productivity with computer

1. Firstly, write down your creative visualization subject and expectation:
High productivity when working with computer -- subject
Once beginning work, I only pay attention to my work, anything noisy or unrelated things have not any influence on me, I am so dedicated that I can always keep high efficiency during work. – Expectation

2. Then the detail information:
a) Sitting posture
b) Clean environment
c) No feeling of noise
d) Sit still and avoid move frequently
e) My feeling in the heart
f) My look on the face

3. My affirmation:
I am creating a high productivity when work with computer, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, for the max good of all concerned.

After all the steps above completed, I first repeat my affirmation slowly and feel every word of the affirmation for 3 times, then I begin to creative visualization on high productivity according to the six points from “sitting posture” to “my look on the face”. I change each point from text to image one by one. After the last point completes, I end up the creative visualization with my affirmation spoken slowly.

Even now, I am creating this blog with this creative visualization before blog writing. I almost act the same as my creative visualization. I cleaned my desk and ignored the noise on the street and the sound of TV in the neighbor room. I don’t even want to stand up before my blog is done.

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