This one day workshop will change the way you see and live your life. Give yourself permission to embrace a day that’s ALL FOR YOU and all about you!

Join coach Patrick Rhein, co-author of Be Different, Be YOU!, for a day of inspiration, self-discovery and enlightenment so you can create the life of your dreams and actually believe they will come true.

Through a cocktail of unique experiential exercises, this jam-packed, full day workshop will have you:
• Complete a values-discovery exercise in order for you to have a compass for your life’s decisions,
• Understand where you are at so you can better design a road map to the real YOU,
• Go from your head to your heart by using all your senses and discovering your “pleasure-meter”,
• Clearly visualize the life that you want, despite the obstacles that seem too big and fearful to overcome.

Completing this workshop will leave you feeling...
• Equipped with new tools for overcoming your fears and living your full potential
• At a high personal vibration so you can attract the life you have designed
• More confident and secure in your own skin
• A strong belief that you WILL achieve extraordinary results in all areas of your life

Details of the workshop are as follows:

• Saturday, January 19th, 2008
• 9am – 4pm (all morning and afternoon snacks, beverages and Lunch included.)
• Location: Comfort Suites City Center Toronto
200 Dundas St East / Jarvis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 4R6
• Investment: Only $179. Special price if you bring a friend - $150.

To register, contact 416 919 8466 or email Limited space - reserve your spot now!!

Author's Bio: 

Patrick Rhein, EQC, CAC, ORSC
Business & Success Coach / Facilitator / Keynote Speaker

Born in Switzerland and a world traveller throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Canada, Patrick Rhein brings a profound understanding of the myriad belief systems that exist across the globe. Having worked in eight countries on four continents, Rhein’s broad range of experience includes over 25 years in human resources, corporate training, sales and marketing, management consulting and career counselling. Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Rhein is a highly-respected mentor and facilitator in EQ (Emotional Intelligence), an executive coach/trainer and a specialist in the study of human relationships. Rhein continues to be fascinated by human nature and is passionately fulfilling his vision to bring peace to the world through authenticity, harmony and the expansion of human potential.