Here is a list generating system that will help you focus on what you care about most and make you feel like an eagle soaring rather than a caged bird banging your tiny head against the bars.

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, grief, anger, unhappiness, stress, my corporate job, my boss, my coworkers, this will help. Learn how to handle being fired, get over a broken heart, clearing and changing limiting beliefs. A list keeps you focused to accomplish whatever you want.

1. Know the purpose of your list. Whatever ends up on your list, being clear about its purpose will help prevent you from losing sight of why you are pursuing your goals in the first place. And sometimes some of the steps to achieve your list are not always enjoyable. Remembering your goal can help you stay motivated when you are working overtime so you can be on a beach in Fiji in 6 months.

2. Consider what already makes you happy. List making can stem from anxiety, but when you are able to consider what is already working for you, you will have an easier time coming up with a focused, short list that reflects where you want to go next. Focus on who you are when you are at your absolute best, then build on that.

3. Be sure your goals are things you are pursuing for yourself. When the items on your list are motivated and mesh with your values, instead of being something you think you should do, you will feel much more liberated.

4. Concentrate on doing, not having. Studies show over and over again, that money and material objects are not a guarantee for happiness. Happiness is about the quality of the moments in life. People matter more than things. When you follow that, the money automatically comes.

5. Include goals that require fun to obtain them. Let us say your aim is to exercise more so you can feel healthier and look toned. You know the stair master will get you fit faster than a round of golf, but you despise cardiovascular machines. So choose golf. You’ll be happier at the ninth hole than climbing to nowhere.

6. Phrase your list in a way that elates and excites you. People are less apt to succeed when they try to avoid something as opposed to pursuing something. For example, instead of saying you will quit dating jerks, say you will make a point of dating only kind men.

7. Break down your goals. Head off panic by focusing first on what you can do to achieve your dream in the short term. Tackle the long term later.

8. Reread your list and notice how it makes you feel. If any item brings up a sense of dread, rewrite it until it sounds enticing. If you can not, drop it off your list.

9. Be prepared to ball up your list and flush it. The tiems on your list should be flexible so you can respond to various life circumstances as they unfold. Think of your list as a guide, not a hard and fast contract.

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