Practically anyone can conjure up the image of a child saying their prayers before going to sleep at night. "Now I lay me down to sleep," were the first words of prayer I can remember using. Thinking about your day before getting out of bed is a variation of the same principle. Do you take the time before getting up in the morning to imagine what your day might hold for you, or plan the things you want to do? You should; they say, "A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to come unraveled." But why do so many people pray in the morning and before bedtime? Does it really matter when we pray?

We can now measure with machines what people have always understood about the brain and the unconscious mind. Brain activity, which we measure in cycles-per-second, or Hertz (Hz), offers a measurable reflection of sleep and mental activity; as we become fatigued, our brain activity slows and we gradually lose consciousness. Likewise, using only thought, or meditative techniques, we can slow the brain to the level of activity we naturally experience as we wake in the morning and drift off to sleep in the evening. Scientifically, this is known as the Alpha-Theta threshold, and is measured in the area of 7-Hertz (7Hz).

This "sleep threshold," or "sleep-gateway," is a state of being neither completely awake - in the classical sense - nor completely asleep. This is the realm where we can easily deliver our conscious desires to the unconscious part of our brains where they will be acted on - even in our sleep. This is the state of consciousness spoken of by the great masters when they spoke of being "still," or "quiet," or of going "into your closet" when you pray; this is also the state of consciousness used for hypnosis and self-hypnosis. And, this is a state you naturally pass in and out of several times each day - most notably while waking and drifting off to sleep.

Does it really matter when you pray? Not really -- as long as you are in the proper mental state. It is just easier to get into that state if you are already there; and you can't go to sleep, or wake-up, without passing through the ideal prayer state. So, take advantage of the two best opportunities for prayer, or natural hypnosis: Morning affirmations and Bedtime prayers. Shape your life with your bedtime prayers; and script your day with your affirmations. "What you ask for in private will be given to you openly." And, your life will be much better as a result.

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