When following the Law of Attraction, one is able to influence reality through their thoughts and feelings, which in turn shapes the experiences one encounters. With thousands of years backing its worth, the Law of Attraction is based on the premise that people are able to attract what they place their focus and concentration into. Today, more and more people are turning to this belief as a way to alleviate stress, as well as "attract" the things one wants out of life. Many have also experienced success and happiness when following this way of thinking.

How the Law of Attraction Works

In order to gain an understanding of how the Law of Attraction works, you must believe that individuals are in control of creating their own reality. The law is based on what people focus on, as a way to draw the accomplishments and events they wish to take place in their life. Those who believe that certain things will happen to them tend to experience these circumstances more than people who do not believe the goals they want in life are attainable.

While it may seem like a simple thing to accomplish, the Law of Attraction is not as cut and dry as some may think. For instance, people who are homeless and continuously exclaim, " I need a house," will not automatically receive a home, but will only continue to "need a house" because this is the reality they create for themselves. A more successful approach is to exclaim, "I can see my new home," as one visualizes a new life for themselves, believe it will happen, and actively pursues the opportunities that brings one closer to this personal goal. Overall, a host of positive affirmations and a strong belief helps propel one towards the things they want out of life.

Many people are skeptical about this type of belief system and how it translates into happiness and success. There are two different kinds of ways supporters approach an explanation regarding the Law of Attraction. The first deals with spirituality, where many believe that the Law involves the alignment of God or the Universe with specific wishes. Since humans are made of energy, it is the belief that this energy is affected by varying frequencies. Positive thoughts are viewed as a way to alter frequencies of energy, especially when one shows appreciation for the things they already possess in life. It is the optimistic thinking that attracts the things people want out of life when they focus and dwell on the positive and ignore frustration.

A traditional scientific explanation is also attached to the Law of Attraction, as people who tend to focus on achieving a new reality (with a strong belief) may take more risks than usual, identify more opportunities, and become increasingly open to new possibilities, which often results in the attainment of more goals. For most, believing that things they want out of life are not possible only adds to letting opportunities pass by.

Sometimes, when people believe they are not deserving of happiness and success in life, they may subconsciously behave in such a way that they actually damage their chances. Overall, speaking in a positive manner helps to reverse the negative patterns in life, which eventually aids in the creation of more constructive and dynamic changes in life.

Creating Success and Happiness

The Law of Attraction is often associated with achieving success and happiness, but it takes daily actions on the part of individuals seeking positive changes in their life. Below you will find some suggestions on how to embrace the Law of Attraction concept:

1) Make a List of Frustrations: Creating a list of all the feelings of frustrations you may harbor will help in your quest for individual change. Some of the things people have jotted down include a strained relationship with parents, stressful work conditions, or mounting unpaid bills.

2) Make a List of the Positives: Some people have benefited from the creation of a personal journal, which permits the exploration of change and allows one to take a look at the positive aspect of anything negative in life. As you take a look at your list of frustrations or negative aspects in life, jot down anything you deem positive regarding the situation. An example of this includes an individual with a strained relationship with their parents that begin to realize that their parents are still alive and they have the opportunity to still speak to them and work the differences out, whereas others are not capable of this privilege.

Another example includes poor working conditions, which at least means a person has the ability of supporting their family and paying the bills, where others are unable. All of these assessments should be added to your journal, which will later become a powerful tool of reflection.

3) Positive Attitude: Developing a positive attitude for the things you already possess and enjoy is a good way towards clearing the mind to see the things you believe will come in the future. Instead of concentrating on what you lack in life – drive your thoughts towards the things that make you feel grateful. During this time, you should believe in yourself, your future, as well as in God and the rest of the Universe.

4) Visualization: In order to create and maintain a visual picture of what you want out of life, you should ignore the things you don’t want and focus on the things that will attract positive change. In your journal, make an in-depth list of what you'd like to change in your life. This will serve as your daily thought to encourage positive visualizations of how you wish your new life to blossom. The visualization should also include imagining what it would feel like to enjoy these changes.

5) Find Focus: When you indulge in your thoughts, feelings, and actions – you should make sure they are directed towards your current goals rather than the things that cause frustration in your life. You should think, feel, and act positive, which in turn, helps one to achieve the positive things they want out of life.

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