Copyright 2004 by Dr. William G. Covington, Jr.

One of the "behind the scenes" principles tapped by successful people is their ability to persevere, to keep on being productive in spite of circumstances. Consistent achievement leads to desired consequences. It is the ability to apply oneself to the tasks that lead to the fulfillment of a goal. Consistency is the opposite of working only when one feels inspired.

Persistence requires discipline. A person waiting for inspiration limits achievement to periods when conditions are desirable. A toughness develops within the person who resolves to continue to go forward regardless of feelings or environment.

Consistency is a mysterious pattern of behavior. It distinguishes excellence from mediocrity. Some label this principle as "paying your dues" and that's an accurate assessment. No one, no matter how gifted or talented, will acieve their potential without it.

Henri J. M. Nouwen overcame a reliance on circumstances. In so doing he observed a mental toughness of other people who didn't limit their work or happiness to what was going on around them. He noted, "The difference was never based on the situation itself, but always on my state of mind and heart."

Consistency means time is spent with a focus in mind. An achiever has something to show for his time while his counterpart doesn't. E. Stanley Jones said of this focus factor, that "some people go through life getting results; others get consequences." in other words, if you aren't focused, your energy is dissipated and your consequences occur by default.

Power is not too strong a word to describe the desired results of using consistency. Think of this form of power as being dynamic, unfolding, unseen, but real. Tap the principle, use it, and enjoy the benefits.

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Dr. William G. Covington, Jr. has written extensively on motivation and goal achievement.