There's lots of cosmetology schools online for you to correspond with before you have to decide about your career. And for some general knowledge this trade is expected to grow through 2014, as a lot more people care about their personal appearance.

Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatment, and would do these specific functions:


Shampooing and applying conditioners

Applying hair color including highlighting

Performing permanents

Performing hair straightening

Applying hair extensions and wigs

Skin care





Becoming a cosmetologist will require you to get schooling and obtaining a license in your state. Requirements will vary depending on the state and there are cosmetology schools online in every state for you to contact for more information. There are public and private cosmetology schools that offer classes at various times.

Those that operate in this industry generally work in a clean, well maintained environment that can be very pleasing for the patrons as well as the workers. Many salons like to use music as well as aroma therapy in their shops. You will of course spend quite a bit of time on your feet so energy and good health will be factors to consider.

A lot of professionals in this industry are self employed so they work for themselves, which translates to the mindset of you obtaining success is really up to you. You will need to keep abreast of current trends and keep up with your competition. You also have to get the word out so others can find you without difficulty.

In the day and age that we live in now most people won't break a nail to find you so you have to make it painless. There are of course many different ways to handle this. Being proactive in your own career is imperative for you to succeed, but you can by all means do very well in a career in cosmetology.

Average earnings in this industry are in the $30,000 to $50,000 range but there are those that exceed and even double the national averages with their incomes. Frankly, anyone that would apply themselves to their profession could earn quite a bit more than the national average.

There are resources available that can assist you and teach marketing strategies to help all in this industry make more money. If this is something that you’d be interested in doing and want to learn more about it than by all means go to

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