The effectiveness Subliminal Hypnosis can have on a person's thoughts and behaviors was determined in the 1970's and has been well researched and documented. One of the most fascinating things about subliminal hypnosis is the fact that for the most part you're not even aware your being influenced!.

In fact, according to Takeo Watanabe, an associate professor of psychology at Boston University's Centre for Brain and Memory, you need to watch out - you may learn something and not even know it. May 26, 2005 (Boston)

For some people the terms 'subliminal hypnosis' or 'subliminal programming' brings to mind pictures from the movies of malevolent scientists or dictators with evil intentions, trying to brainwash the world. This could not be further from the truth.
Core Values

The hard facts are that hypnosis in any form will only work if it matches with your core values. Your core values are the things which you believe are important, they motivate you to take action and you give priority to the activities that match them.

The sad truth is though, that if I asked you what your core values are, the chances are you would struggle to find the answer. And you wouldn't be alone. The reality is that despite the fact that they determine the way you live your life most of us are not fully aware of what our own core values are.

It's this unawareness of what's important to us which causes the greatest amount of conflict in our lives.

Every single one of us has our own set of core values, as do institutions and workplaces. And funnily enough this includes people such as partners, friends and employers; they all have their own values and they all have an effect on us and our lives. And this is where problems can begin.

When you're unaware of your own core values it's easy to find yourself living according to the values of other people and/or your workplace instead of following your own truth.

For example, at home you may find yourself following the values of your partner. When you go out you may find yourself being influenced by the values of your friends. In the workplace, you may find yourself following the values of your employer and so on.

Yet how many of these values would you feel fitted with your own core values? Furthermore, if you spend your life meeting only the values of others, do you feel that would be a balanced, happy and fulfilling life?

This is not to say that the values of others are not important. They most definitely are important, however it is important for us to recognize their values and how they impact or affect our own lives. A source of stress or frustration can occur in your life when you are striving to fulfil someone else's values and not living in accordance with your own.

It's very easy to confuse your own personal values with family or societal values. If you find yourself making a decision based on what you should or must do, you aren't using your own values. On the other hand, decisions based on what you need or want to do in your life are made using your own unique values.

It's by your own core values that you measure your success and happiness. It is your values that tell you what is important in your life. When you and the people you live and work with all understand your core values clearly it's so much easier to live and work in balance.

The clearer you are about your own core values the easier it is to make decisions about the way you spend your time and the things you do in your life.

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