Coincidences, déjà vu experiences, finding a parking space on a meter in downtown Chicago, are all surface indicators of being in the “flow.” But for more revealing insight, examine the quality of your intimate relationships.

Being “on the path” means that you understand the divine nature of man.
That is, you realize that there really is no dividing line between yourself and others. The only division that exists is that which is created by the human ego.

It also means that you realize that you are the physical embodiment of God and in so much as you are God, you must accept that you are Love. Therefore there is no need to find Love. Only fear prevents us from knowing this as truth.
You believe that you have chosen this physical life to deepen your understanding of Love. You know that this is accomplished through the experience of relationship.

With your understanding, relationships become the virtual laboratories where you will either blow things up or create something wonderful.

Each time you become involved, fear will surface to provide you with a choice; to trust or not to trust. You will choose trust. You choose trust because of the confidence you have in knowing that you and your partner are engaged in a sacred assignment; to learn the nature of Love.

You have chosen to work together because you both possess the same or similar knowledge and beliefs about Love. You are aware that this is why you are attracted to each other.

You will both learn and accumulate additional knowledge by the effect of your interactions. Your emotional responses will help you to determine just how well you are doing.

You discover that disharmony and pain are usually the effects of the ego, while harmony and joy are the effects of Love. Your intuition guides you to the best course of action.

As you acquire more knowledge and understanding of Love, a new you emerges.

Honest introspection becomes your most valuable tool; as it motivates you to make adjustments and corrections to personal interactions with others. The more you learn about Love the more loving you become.

Your life has new meaning. You immediately recognize the synchronicity in of all life. You realize your unique purpose. You now know that your gifts and abilities are part of the collective and meant to be shared. The Love that you have learned to give yourself, you freely and without judgment or fear give to others.

You find that you are patient with those who do not know or have not experienced as much as you.

In your quiet moments of introspection and reflection you realize the transformative power of Love. You have chosen to trust and create something wonderful in your laboratory, instead of explosive and full of fear.

A deep sense of love and appreciation emanates from your entire being as thoughts of your loving partner and others, who through their relationship, assisted you "on the path" The path that brought you from seeking Love to being Love.

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