It was 1978, not long before I became interested in alternative healing techniques. One day, my 5-year-old daughter, Rachel, had a stomach ache and was lying down on the couch. I had worked in an emergency room and felt this was not a serious condition; nevertheless, of course, I didn't want her to be sick or in pain. I sat down on the couch at her feet, closed my eyes, and earnestly asked, "HOW can I HELP her?"

Almost immediately the Right Eye of Horus, that Egyptian monikor that psychics often use as part of their logo -- which was the only way I had ever seen it -- appeared in my mind's eye, just above my head and to my right. I had a thought to see light coming out of the Eye onto her body, and in my mind's eye I saw it go to exactly the spot that was hurting. Within ten minutes, she "lost her cookies" and was fine. No more pain. No aftereffects. No recurrence.

While I marveled at the results, I was not really curious enough to investigate its significance or its origins. Since it seemed a powerful technique, however, when I began doing breathwork sessions and rebirthing through the Loving Relationships Training in the late '80's, I would often call upon the Eye to assist during a session for general balancing of energy.

What I discovered in the process was that the Right Eye would "shed light" on a person in my mind's eye, projecting a color and/or illuminating symbols in the person's aura. The colors were a clue as to what chakras or what emotions might be needing attention. The symbols would tell us what areas we might focus on in the inner work.

As I continued to employ the Eye, I began to realize that the light seemed to be homeopathic. That is, if, for instance, a person was feeling a lot of anger, the light showed up as red, sometimes with dark images in it. As I watched (with my eyes closed -- I don't seem to have the capacity to "see" with my eyes open), the red would gradually fade, and another color would show up as the aura. The visuals were accompanied by a corresponding shift in the feelings of the person, a relaxing of the emotion.

About 15 years after the Eye came to me, I was taking a Flower of Life course, developed by Drunvalo Melchizedek and taught by Ilizabeth Fortune, where I learned that in ancient Egypt there had been a 12-year Mystery School of the Right Eye of Horus. Part of my awakening this lifetime was a psychic reading done even before the Eye had appeared to me which indicated that I had been a student in such a school in a past life. Having that information made it easier for me to accept the validity of what I was currently experiencing.

While what I've described above is light from the RIGHT Eye of Horus, I have also discovered that when I am working with someone who is in the process of dying, it is the LEFT Eye of Horus that appears, and the only color in this case seems to be an indigo or cobalt blue. The color seems to assist the person in leaving the body in a peaceful and integrated way. (When I ask for the assistance of the Eye of Horus, I let the Eye decide which it will be, right or left.)

Generally, I would say that it is as though the light from the Eye of Horus balances and cleanses our energy fields preparing us to receive the higher vibration golden white light from heaven right here in the physical. I think of the white light as the unified field in which everything has its highest being. It is unconditional love. During a session I ask the person I'm working with to join me in the visualization. As we do it together, the clearing is happening, and the client is becoming familiar with a technique that can be employed at any time.

Another source of healing light came through Sondra Ray and the Loving Relationships Training when she introduced us to Hawaiian Kahuna Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Stan Hew Len (now known as Dr. Stan IHaleakala) as part of a forgiveness process known as the Ho'o'pono'pono. I include it here as it gives depth and dimension to the Eye of Horus energy, and is yet another example of the similarity of various spiritual traditions around the world. Often, the Eye of Horus light will simply bring in the colors of the Ho'o'pono'pono, as described below.

In the Ho'o'pono'pono process, we employ four colors of light -- indigo, emerald green, ice blue, and white -- always in the same order. The colors are brightened seven times each, one color at a time. After the process, the subject of the healing is left filled and surrounded with the last color, the white light. The light can be used to fill and surround a person, a pet, or even a room or home that may have scattered or negative energy in it. You will feel the difference. With each subsequent color, the vibration is raised, and in fact it usually happens that once I get to the ice blue color I must take a deep breath as if needing to open to the heightened energy.

I share these processes that are sacred (meaning originally secret) because I believe that, the more light we spread on the planet, the more peaceful we all can be. These are systems that can be used with other techniques, and indeed create a field of light energy in which other tools, etheric or otherwise, can be rendered even more effective in healing and balancing, whether it be a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual condition. Practitioners can use them, as well as individuals wishing to improve their own well-being.

Author's Bio: 

In addition to a traditional education in social welfare and counseling, over the last 20 years Anita has developed a way of working with physical, mental, and emotional transformation primarily through rebirthing (including past life regression) and the integrative power of breath. She has certification as a clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and is an ordained minister. She was inspired by interviewing spiritual teachers -- Sondra Ray, Stuart Wilde, Lynn Andrews, and many others -- as host of her own television show in the mid-80's and went on to study with Sondra and the Loving Relationships Training. She currently divides her time between Big Sur and Los Angeles and is available for individual sessions, space clearings, and presentations. She can be reached at 831.667.2188.