Being somewhat of a personal and professional development junkie, attending seminars as often as possible, listening in to teleclasses, and checking out webinars, I’ve realized something VITAL. Success is not just about having the right ingredients (which, by the way, we each are born with) but it is also about following the best recipe. This is all about modeling as well as following to the letter some of those manuals picked up, seminars sat through, and calls recorded. Too often we find it easy to listen and view with the attitude that we’ve been there and seen this, so we know it. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If, in fact, we did “KNOW” it, then we’d be as successful as the person we are watching or listening to. Instead we only understand it and have no “KNOWING” of it. We must open ourselves up to what they are truly saying, demonstrating, and suggesting and follow the example they set. In other words, we have to stop guessing that we “KNOW” it all and genuinely take the time, effort and energy to “LEARN” it so we can surpass understanding and jump to knowledge.

When we truly MODEL another’s success, following their example to the letter, we are guaranteed a more certain success. By duplicating what they have done to succeed we ensure our own accomplishment. This beats running off and creating our own stock pot of various recipes which in fact gives us indigestion (otherwise known as lack of success).

Modeling includes finding out their personal habits. Find a mentor or someone whom you simply admire and research their habits, what they read (brain nourishment), how they eat (body nourishment), and their relationships (heart nourishment), and even about their faith (spiritual nourishment). You’ll find that those who succeed are feeding themselves continually on every level. Are you? Or are you trying to cook up success by omitting critical ingredients and fundamental steps in the recipe.

Every one of us has an award winning Iron Chef of success locked inside, the question is how long will it take you to learn from the masters before you and beside you so that you can go from mere understanding to true knowing and prospering?

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