This may be the most important question you could ever ask yourself when
it comes to the law of attraction and creating the life of your dreams. Do I believe
that I deserve to have everything I desire? The way
you view yourself, and what you believe you are deserving of will effect everything
you do and create in your life. Both good and bad.

Many people do not honestly believe that they deserve more than they have. They
really don't. And worst of all, they don't even realize it. It is our conviction and belief
in what we want to create that really gives it power and force to come into reality.
It is a certainty that you not only deserve it, but will have it, regardless of what happens
or gets in the way that creates it.

If you were to do a little bit of research on anyone who was cured of a terminal illness
and it was labeled as a miracle, you will find that there is one constant thread among
them all. They simply refused to die and believed they were going to survive. It was more
than just mere faith that it would happen. It wasn't simply wishing it would happen. It
was a deeply rooted belief, beyond any shadow of a doubt that it would happen.
They simply didn't see any other option and couldn't even begin to imagine anything
else happening. It was that simple. "I will live, period."

If you do just a little bit of research on anyone who has become successful financially,
you will find the same sort of commitment and belief. They didn't wonder if they would
become wealthy and successful. They didn't wish for it to happen. They didn't even question
if failure was an option. They knew with all of their being that it would happen. If they were asked
about failing, they would have a confused look on their face as if it were something they
had no idea could even happen.

What is your conviction? The problem with many people out there is that they don't
really want what it is they claim they want. They say they do. They speak as if they do,
but they really don't. They haven't moved that "want" into the realm of conviction. They
haven't taken the time to think about having what they want to the point that it becomes a
blaze within the pit of their belly. To the point that every single cell in their body knows
nothing but what it is they want. Turn what you want into such a conviction, such a belief,
such a driving force that not even a hair on your body thinks that failure is an option.

Taking the time to believe that you deserve what it is you want is so important. Taking
the time to develop a burning passion to create the life of your dreams is so essential to your
success. It's as necessary to acquiring what you want as air is to staying alive. It's like
the water that fish swim in. It must be all around you, all the time, and losing it would be
like dieing. Far to many people never realize their full potential and happiness in life
simply because they do not turn their wants into a conviction that will burn through
the strongest of problems, road blocks, and excuses. Create your conviction, and nothing
will stop you from what it is you desire.

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