The incidence of contact lens infection is becoming a major concern as more and more people turn to wearing lenses in preference to glasses.

In most countries, you cannot buy lenses without a legal prescription yet the emergence of lenses for purposes other than vision correctness is becoming popular particular among the younger generation.

Unless you're aware of contact lens infection then you could be unwittingly be putting your vision under threat.

Cause Of Contact Lens Infection

Complications can arise through over use and over wearing along with sloppy hygiene and awkward fit. If you are using contacts for vision correcting purposes then you will have been to your doctor for analysis before getting a prescription to buy them.

One of the worst complications suffered by contact lens wearers is a corneal ulcer. This condition is caused by a microscopic parasite which breeds in water-based conditions and is partial to the cornea.

Those most at risk are regular swimmers, either in pools or natural water pools and those who practice unsatisfactory hygiene methods. A corneal ulcer can be a nasty condition to contract with redness of the area, pain and some discharge the most notable symptoms.

It's treated with antibiotics although this is not always immediately effective and in many instances, patients made need to spend a stint in hospital. In fact, worst case scenario is partial to major loss of vision in the eye.

Other Contact Lens Infections

Another nasty condition known as GPC (Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis) can occur as a reaction to a contact lens. It's symptoms include mucus and itching and the normal path for a patient to follow when affected by GPC is to simply stop wearing the contacts. In many cases, along with the proper treatment, it will clear up.

Irritations from solution can also occur with many patients. If you have been using a solution with good effect then resist the urge to change to another simply because it's suddenly become popular or is at a bargain price. This is a big cause of solution irritation.

If you suddenly notice a redness to the eye, remove your contacts immediately as this could be due to a bad wearing contact. Sometimes, it's hard to tell immediately if a lens is a good fit and it may take an hour or two before any reaction occurs.

Practice Good Hygiene

If you're concerned about contact lens infection issues then speak with your doctor about it. This article is meant to just make you aware that with contact lenses, while they're great in enhancing your looks, can also create complications.

Maintaining good levels of hygiene is a great start and never let anyone else touch your contacts or wear them. In fact, avoid any contact with a foreign surface when handling them.

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