Promotions and Your Campaigns
You are in the business of raising funds for your mission. You should have a method of collecting names from every resource to encourage readers, visitors, event attendants, and members to go to their next level in their commitment to your organization. How you promote your organization is integrally tied in to your level of success.

How to re-think that campaign:
1. Assess your current promotional efforts. Is your website fluid? Is it current? Are you posting progress every month and celebrating your milestones?

2. What does your website look like? Is it vibrant, does it look inviting?

3. Are you cluttering up your message? People like stories, not the same old stuff. How focused is your website on people?

4. Are you thinking people, not necessarily patrons? Yes, you want people who visit your website to eventually become a believer and join. How are you leading them to water?

5. Do you have the means to potentially collect the names of the people who visit your website? What are you doing with those names?

6. Are you giving them emotional experiences, or flat ones?

7. Are you encouraging them at every possible venture, to participate somehow in your programming – either through a short news blast, a special promotion or an update?

8. If you stage events, are you inviting your reading public? How? What about those names you collected?

9. Do you have plans for external communications, your regular monthly media blasts to the general public through the media that celebrate your milestones?

10. Do you have an "official" spokesperson, or is it anyone’s game? Do volunteers have the authority to speak on behalf of your entire organization? How about dissenting committee or board members? Will they speak on your behalf to the press?

Take these questions and answer them to chart a new course to fundraising success. For a complimentary fundraising assessment write me at kayte@bestprincipledsolutions..

Author's Bio: 

Kayte Connelly has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management. A schooled social worker and public administrator, Ms. Connelly became integrally involved in the community development through the pursuit of a public radio station license for songwriters in the Lehigh Valley in the late 70's. Having worked in business, education, with special populations, government and heavily in the arts, Ms. Connelly has honed skills and has acted as a successful change agent, designing systems that assist organizations in dreaming big and accomplishing those dreams. Using a holistic approach, Ms. Connelly enlists your vision to integrate yourself into your respective global community and invites you to stretch that vision.

Connelly is a certified change practitioner who has a vast amount of practical hands-on experience in a broad spectrum of creative energies for coaching leaders in the communities.

She has supported nonprofits, board members, and their staff in both coaching and management capacities. Putting people first, the legacy of leadership development has been the cornerstone of her service.

Organizational highlights include producing a major awards ceremony shot for a BET J magazine program; expanding a major jazz festival from 3 ½ to 10 days (18 to 138 events); serving as a re-granting partner for a 5 ½ county wide region (over 1 million population); growing an organization from $29,000 in the hole to $1.6 million in 7 years; serving as an advocate (testifying at legislative hearings) for more than 300 arts organizations social enterprise initiatives such as creation of two different art galleries (one a co-op); collapsing a parochial chamber of commerce and merging it with a larger economic region; designing a comprehensive board management training program; producing a monthly TV show and more.

Obviously, she is no stranger to change and is a motivator for your future, continuously staying abreast of trends and best practices. You will be engaged in processes that will add meaningful insight to your journey.