People who are new to learning the power of self-command are often confused about what they have been through and who they are. Most people want to create a better life and have deeper relationships, more money, more freedom and a happier disposition, yet sometimes looking for these better life qualities will take up your whole life journey and you never get to experience them because of the confusion created by your thinking that you are your experiences.

This trap of confusing who you are with what you have been through can destroy your life if you do not let go of that form of thinking. You are not the abuse that happened to you. You are not the trauma you experienced. You are not what you tell yourself. You are not the thoughts you have in your head and you are not the bad feeling you feel. You are much more than that.

On the other side you are not the soul mate you found. You are not the multi-millions you just made. You are not the successes in your life. You are not the new car you have. You are not the fame you have. You are not the adoration from other people. You are not the incredible happy joyous feelings you feel inside. You are not the new career that you have found. You are more than that.

All of these things are just experiences that you are having in the game, illusion or mission of life. The questions you must ask yourself is, in this life experience, which of the above two scenarios would you like to experience? Of all those experiences which appeals to you most?

Self-command is the practice of letting what drives you and your life in the direction you want to go, lead the way. Self-command requires that you become response able. It requires your willingness to learn where and how you learned to drive the vehicle, of you, in the direction it is going now. It requires that you make adjustments to your thinking habits because that is the key to tweaking your experiences to the ones you actually want to manifest. It shows you how to drive the vehicle correctly.

Self-command teaches you about who you are so that you can stop being who you are not. You are not your experiences. Learning self-command is simple and easy. It requires a lot of self-awareness. Not awareness in the places that you already have it. It requires awareness in the blind spots and places where you rarely visit during your day. It requires that you pay attention to places inside you where you can be sabotaging yourself without knowing it.

When you decide to no longer use your thinking to define who you are but use it as it was meant to be used, thinking is a tool that draws experiences to you, then you will begin the journey of implementing self-command and creating your reality as you would like to experience it. Don’t waste another day. Learn how to create the life of your dreams.

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Vickie Jimenez is the Author of "Champagne Thoughts and Caviar Power the Science of Results Oriented Thinking." She is personal and business development expert with a joint venture background and 20 years in the industry. She has spoken nationally and internationally. Vickie's Mission is to educate and inspire people to achieve maximum results by empowering them with a strong state of self command. To learn more Visit or