Choosing a dog breed can be a big decision making thing for many families. Normally, the choices would differ according to the lifestyle of your family. For individuals with an active lifestyle, they most likely would prefer a dog that is very adaptable to an outdoor lifestyle. While for less active individuals, a pet that would be happy just to laze around the house is perhaps the most appropriate one. These factors you would know better if you own a guide to choosing dogs. You can orient yourself more about the details of various breeds if you have read a guide.

If you are one of those who wonder which is better between pure bred dogs and mixed breeds, then you need to weigh the factors fairly. Though mixed breeds, their capabilities cannot be discounted as compared to pure bred dogs. There are advantages evident among mixed breeds actually. It is an unproven theory yet but many individuals have noticed that more positive traits of pure bred dogs are transferred to mixed breeds than to the former. One specific example is the loyalty trait of a German shepherd which is easily adapted by its mixed breed offspring. However, a common health problem among German shepherds such as hip dysplasia is easily transferred to its pure-bred offspring and less likely to its mixed bred offspring.

Such phenomenon is yet to be explained by experts in veterinary medicine. On the other hand, if you have decided on what breed to choose, you may consult dog breeders’ directories. Using these directories can point you to the right sources of the dog you like. Those listed are guaranteed to be qualified breeders. It is important that you get your pet from reliable breeders so to avoid problems in the future. You can be assured of getting the breed of dogs as you want it to be without being conned. Particularly, if you plan of getting an authentic dog breed then it’s important that you are 100% sure that you're getting your money’s worth.

Training a pure bred may differ according to the dog’s traits. This you have to know prior to getting a dog. If you're properly informed, then you would know the demands of a certain breed and you can prepare for it. Furthermore, you have to know the qualities of pure breeds of your choice. Will they be easy to train? Will they need a special training to adapt to your household? Is it safe for them to live with children at home? These basic questions can be answered if you do careful research prior to purchasing. Choosing a pure-dog breed is not a guarantee that they can be way much better than a mixed-breed.

Oftentimes, mixed breeds are said to be smarter than pure breeds. For one, mixed breeds can have a better combination of the positive traits of several dog breeds. They may not look as beautiful as an authentic breed, but surely they have good character traits that can make them better household pets for many dog lovers.

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