As you all know, stretching out of your comfort zone is something I challenge myself and my clients to do consistently. Yes it is one way we reach more of our potential, but it is equally important to have comfort in your life as well. This is what I see as the difference between comfort that is life affirming and comfort that is self limiting…

Comfort in life affirming when it gives you or brings you:

A place to call home that feels like home – full of safety, beauty, a haven, organized work space, respite retreat

Space within your home that is all yours – even if just a corner

Space within your life that is warm and welcoming – a place where you are able to rejuvenate, reflect and renew. It could be in your home or a favorite spot in your community

Knowledge of who you are in the world – that sense of confidence in your abilities, strengths and knowledge

A sense of connection with the world – good friends, family, colleagues

A sense of belonging to a cause, a community or something larger than yourself

Expert status – feeling confident in what you know and what you offer the world

For me, the comfort that is life affirming is the sunroom in my home where I can read, have deep conversations with my husband or just sit an enjoy the view out my window. Comfort in the love of my husband and my good friends, and the time we share together. Comfort in my cat, Cookie, following me everywhere around the house. All of these things bring me a sense of peace, satisfaction, fullness and connectedness. Comfort is also the warn sense of belonging I feel through my involvement with Chix in Business.

What comfort is life affirming for you?

Comfort becomes self limiting when:

The only reason you stay where you are in your life or career is because it is familiar

It prevents you from trying new routes, new experiences or new endeavors

You let the fear of the unknown stop you in your tracks

You “deal with” status quo instead of exercising choice

For me, comfort was self limiting when I stayed away from social outings because I felt uncomfortable talking with people I didn’t know – that was back in my shy days. Comfort was self limiting when I delayed adopting a cat (for years) because I thought it would be too much work. Comfort is self limiting when I find myself saying no to something before I even try it.

What comfort is self limiting you?

When you begin to step outside of your comfort zone, you are not leaving all of your comfort behind, only the comfort that is self limiting. Your life affirming comfort, if nurtured, will remain as a solid foundation to build your life from!

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Stefanie is a professional career/life coach, speaker and workshop facilitator who helps individuals and groups from all over the country in discovering, rejuvenating and/or transitioning their lives and career, helping them to achieve their “best fit”. Her passion is working with people ready to stretch beyond their comfort zone to reach for their potential. Those who are tired of saying “someday I will…” and are ready for greater achievement, passion and possibilities right now! She is also the author of The Journey From Comfort to Possibility: A Workbook of Self Discovery and Personal Transformation, which serves as a springboard to those ready to stretch out of their comfort zones and experience more of life. Stefanie offers one-on-one career and life coaching, small group coaching, seminars and workshops. Sign up for her free newsletter at