It is possible to realize the goal of earning non-traditional income through the formation of a personal enterprise.

There are now more options than ever before regarding how we can earn our livelihood.

Employment Security is on the minds of many these days.

Are we currently trying to weather a "perfect storm" for a recession?

It is said that with adversity comes opportunity.

Maybe it's high time to finally absorb that risk and stake your claim at becoming self employed.

I think we all know by now that there is no such thing as
permanent employment.

It's risky going alone, but what if you do actually succeed? You know the saying, if its worth having in life…

People all over the globe are taking this leap and gaining independence from traditional employment.

According to a U.S. Census Bureau News article (released September 27, 2006), almost half (49 percent) of the US businesses are operated from home, and 10 out of 6 owners have used their own funds to start the enterprise, according to new U.S. Census Bureau reports on characteristics of businesses and enterprise owners.

These portable enterprises from home are succeeding primarily due to the continued and rapid
advances in technology and the internet. The automated software tools that are available and the endless possibilities of the internet are partially responsible for putting people on the fast-track to success!

For the successful, the personal empowerment that's realized is beyond compare.

Once you have decided to tread the narrow path and pursue working for yourself, you could be exposed to a lot of
ridicule by those who are
afraid of taking this chance themselves. Much of the time your biggest doubters become those closest to you.

To embody and live the life of a successful entrepreneur, you have to have fire-in-the-belly determination, a plan, self belief and faith in something larger than your plan.

True entrepreneurship is a path both within and without.

When you choose to focus your attention inward, you may be astonished at what you see in regards to your internal map of thoughts-emotions and belief systems. Does your inner make-up support or is it against your decision to strike at it alone?

Non-traditional income is a mindset that must be realized within your thinking before you can see success happen through your own business venture.

When we make this decision to go out alone, in addition to creating the outward vehicle (in the form of the type of business we've decided on), we have to create the inner vehicle to support this effort.

Our thinking in regards to how we make a living in this life can make all the difference in whether we achieve our desired level of success or not.

Our level of financial or personal achievement is largely based upon our thoughts and what we really believe internally.

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Author's Bio: 

Jeffrey Bruce is an entrepreneur and owner of a successful home-based business which has kept him out of the rat-race for over 6 years. In addition, he's developing several online businesses. A student of life and of continuous
personal and spiritual growth, his passions are music, guitar and tropical vacations. He's married with two children.