In today's world, there are many who suffer from depression and other emotional disorders, and it is truly astounded to see the many individuals who are on depression medications.

Recently an individual came back home after living two years in a South American country. He was amongst people who were in great poverty conditions. They had very little means, but these were happy, happy people. After his return, he was so distraught to find that many of his family members, neighbors and friends, who have everything in life, are often depressed and on depression medication. When we as a people have almost everything we need at our fingertips, why might we possibly have such a high rate of depression amongst us?

First, we must understand that our body is a system. If we feed our system properly and give it the proper nutrition, it will function properly. If our system is lacking vital nutrients, we experience unwanted and unnecessary disorders. Many individuals in North America and other prosperous countries are greatly lacking vital nutrients in the foods they eat which is one of the main reasons there is such a high rate of common disorders such as depression. You may question the diet of those in South American countries then. They don't subsist on empty, processed foods, but simple common foods. It's actually better to have a few simple foods to eat, than to have an abundance of refined foods that have no nutritional value, just creating chemical reactions in the body!

Healthy eating is vital for combating depression:
• Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables daily – not canned, sauced or cooked – fresh and raw! We need the high vitamin and mineral content, as well as the fiber and natural enzymes for good digestion and healthy cell building.
• Learn to daily eat whole grains (cooked or sprouted) and legumes (bean and pea family). Now "whole grains" does not simply mean whole wheat bread, but the whole cooked or sprouted grains themselves. Whole beans also means whole cooked or sprouted too. Seem unfamiliar? Take a look at the countries all over the world. Whole grains and legumes are their staples: rice (brown rice is superior), millet, barley, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, mung bean sprouts, etc. These contain not only the vital nutrients we need for great health, but are also great sources of protein, good carbs, and fiber for the building and cleansing of our systems.
• Drink lots of pure water daily. Our bodies are mostly water, and every body function greatly relies on water. It must be water – good pure water and not any other drink! Drink it and drink lots of it – several 8 oz. glasses a day!
• Cut out most animal products and rely more on the vegetable proteins. Think of the cow that grazes on grass all day, and has occasional grains to produce his hundred pounds of flesh protein. Greens, grains, and beans do contain those vital nutrients that our bodies need for growth and repair. And they do not contain all the harmful things we do not need: hormones, cholesterol, unhealthy fats, etc.

Second, our bodies need exercise. Even if you don’t feel like it – get on a good daily fitness program for at least 30 minutes. A brisk walk is still one of the best exercises and it doesn’t cost anything but time and commitment. Especially if you start to become depressed, energizing your system will quickly remove the depression and you will feel uplifted in no time at all. This is one of the best remedies for depression, and the investment is well worth the benefits!

Third, think positive thoughts. Take a piece of paper and list several things about you and your life such as: I am alive, I can walk, I can breathe, I can smile, I can laugh, [blank] loves me (even if it is the cat – and get a cat if necessary), I have [whatever comforts you], etc. Make the list long. Now, every time you think negatively, stop it, and read the things on your list. Repeat them over and over until they overtake your negative thoughts, and they will!

Fourth, commit to being happy because you want to be, because you have so much to be happy about! There’s always someone with more problems than you and worse off in some way, so be happy about being you. Plus, everyone likes to be around happy people, so be a happy person! Besides that, look for opportunities to make others happy. If you concentrate on helping and serving others, somehow your own problems disappear. Making others happy is ultimately the best way to be happy yourself!

People who have taken these principles and applied them have reaped the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Within a short time, they are off their depression medication and feeling energized without feeling depression symptoms at all. It is truly rewarding to know that depression is something that can be successfully treating both naturally and simply if you just understand a few basic health principles and apply them!

Author's Bio: 

Erleen Tilton began her study into health and nutrition with a life changing experience over 25 years ago. While experiencing many health problems, she began her journey into the world of whole foods which completely healed her body. Since that time Erleen has taught thousands the importance of nutrition and eating good wholesome foods in contrast to the typical high-calorie, nutritious-void foods that are most commonly consumed today. Others too have had life changing experiences through her expertise in health education through speaking, articles, newsletters, consultations, and her own “Living a Healthy Lifestyle” 3-day mountain retreat. She has published 6 cookbooks, 1 organic gardening manual, a first aid kit booklet, 2 CD series sets, a total body workout DVD, and more. She is now in the process of publishing a new series of cookbooks called …for the Healthy Leaner Lifestyle. Erleen speaks professionally as a member of the National Speakers Association.