Cold sore relief can mean a couple things. Fast healing of a present sore, or prevention of future outbreaks. Whatever you are searching for, this quick article will give you the cold sore relief you seek.

Cold sore relief can be hard to find when you need it the most. Yes, there are some remedies proven over time to give wonderful help. And there are other treatments that are more hype than reality for cold sore relief.

Save your money until you try these simple, but well proven, methods of dealing with your cold sores.

Are you seeking fast cold sore relief for an immediate problem?

Your primary desire is to reduce the irritating pain as soon as possible. The next step is to heal the sore fast, so you can get on with your life.

Cold sores are created by destruction of cells on the end of surface nerves. This becomes a battle between your body defenses and the herpes virus. It usually creates swelling, mild fever, headaches, and swollen lymph glands under the jaw.

A headache and fever reducing remedy is certainly in order at this point. Many people use aspirin or similar products for initial cold sore relief. This gives some success in reducing the discomfort.

Next - application of ice will help reduce pain, fever and swelling very quickly. Ice also slows down - or even stops - the herpes virus reproduction process.

Ice is great for cold sore relief, but not always convenient to use - such as at work, driving or shopping.

For times when using ice may be difficult, You will find some of the drug store remedies may be a convenient choice. Look for over-the-counter products, such as Campho-Phenique, that contain numbing agents.

Treatments such as these will give excellent cold sore relief from the stinging pain by deadening the nerves in the area. Many of these products also contain ingredients to prevent further infection.

Keep in mind, however, that most of these products only provide comfort and do not speed healing of the sore. They often make big claims, but so far have not proven to actually shorten the duration of an outbreak.

Ice is a great pain reliever and fever reducer but it does slow healing once your sore has burst open. Cold drives blood away from the area and you need blood circulating around the sore for fast healing.

Once your cold sores begin their healing phase, application of warmth gives the greatest cold sore relief and effectively speeds healing.

A hot wash cloth will work fine. However, many people find a warm tea bag works better. There are some powerful healing nutrients in the tea that provide great cold sore relief.

During the healing process, it is important to continually cleanse the sore with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. And, when it crusts over, keep the scab well oiled with olive oil to keep it soft and pliable. This will help prevent painful cracking.

It is much easier to prevent new cold sores than to heal current ones. Prevention of cold sores should be your main goal after this sore is healed.

It is amazing. Nearly 35% of people who have the herpes virus never get cold sores. The primary reason is a strong immune system. Do you get a lot of cold sores each year? If so give the following method a try. It is quite likely you need it.

A good quality vitamin supplement is all many people need to reduce or prevent the frequent appearance of cold sores.

Go to a vitamin store and get a top quality vitamin and mineral supplement. The drug store vitamins you see are usually very poor quality. You will just be wasting your money. And if you do not actually feel the difference, try a different brand of vitamins.

The nutrients that will benefit you the most in preventing cold sores are zinc, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, the B vitamins, and vitamins C and E.

Fast cold sore relief means applying ice at the beginning, and a warm tea bag after the wound opens up - until final healing. Keep cleansing the wound with alcohol or peroxide and use olive oil to keep the scab soft and pliable.

If you want to prevent future cold sores, you must improve your immunity. Making proper food choices is a start. And, maybe, a high quality vitamin and mineral program is all you will need for a lifetime of cold sore relief.

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