Having a Dream . . . a Passion . . . a Vision . . . is like having a reason for living — a reason for being. Our dreams provide a strong sense of purpose and the motivation to great each new day with enthusiasm. The dreams we truly desire for ourselves are how we create life. The time arrives in all lives to create a new potential. We may ignore the signs, but they are there. They can be felt inside when the body constantly tells us we’re not happy, we don’t feel good, we don’t have enough love or spirit flowing through us. The life currently being led, the available levels of joy and abundance, were created from one set of beliefs, thoughts and strategies. We’ve outgrown an old way of being. Another potential reality can be created if we are ready to cultivate new beliefs, thoughts and strategies. To do so requires willingness to take ourselves on an adventure into the unknown.

Can the secrets of achieving dreams be broken down into a series of steps? Well, it isn’t always as simple and neat as a set of defined steps, but there is a general process for success:

The imagination is the place from which we begin. From imagination born within the core, we are the catalysts of possibility. The life we wish to live can only be imagined by self, can only be created by self. It is inspired by the passions, desires, feelings and intuitions existing within. The body is the guide leading us into alignment with living a potential higher then the one currently being lived. We dare to believe a better life exists outside the beliefs which form our comfort circle. We dare curiosity, adventure and the risk of finding out if angry lions, tiger and bears really do or do not live outside the boundaries of the comfort circle.

Every human being has the ability to paint a new life. We are the canvas, the paint and the paintbrush of our life. If we don’t like the way we feel in the life already painted, it is time to pick up the paintbrush and paint a new life. We don’t need to know exactly all the details of what a new life would look like. Start somewhere. Begin with a feeling of excitement. Bring decisiveness and willingness to the canvas. The rest begins to unfold.

We can begin painting the doorway to a new and better life. A life in which we feel good. Only self can begin to imagine what feeling good would look like. If it’s unknown, guess. Pretend. Make something up. We get to paint an entire new life and do it poorly. If it turns out not looking and feeling quite as expected, we’re still holding the paintbrush and the paint. We can adjust, modify, paint over something not quite right. Of course, the choice is always available to begin again.

Set aside some time to reconnect with your heart’s dream. What has been placed on the back burner that now can be brought forward? These dreams are the ones we want for ourselves — not for our spouse, not our family, not anyone else. Ours alone. When we let other people determine our definition of success, we sabotage our own future.

Dreams and desires bring excitement and life to our body. We learn how to stay focused on what is wanted, how to remain in a place of feeling good. We learn how to connect with spirit, bring spirit into the body, how to fill ourselves with power. We are here to create. To do this, dreams must have excitement and importance. They are not going to be easy to achieve, and an internal leader must be able to refocus on the vision when times get tough or obstacles are encountered.

Decide to achieve this. This may seem basic but many people never decide and commit fully to their dream. They simply keep “thinking” about it. Or the first obstacle appears and they give up. Make a commitment to self that this is what is wanted. Right now is not the time to worry about how to make it happen. This is the moment of developing an internal leader who will carry the vision and come back to it time after time. Honor the commitment to self. No one can let us down more than we can. Make a commitment about what is wanted and choose to honor and stand behind it 100 percent. No matter how challenging, how fearful, or overwhelming it may seem, decide you are going for it! Why? For no other reason than because you want it — no should’s, have to’s, or weak choices. Decide and commit.

What do I want to have?
How will I generate daily feelings of excitement around this dream?
What am I prepared to do to maintain excitement even in the face of doubt and discouragement?

Believe in the outcome of the dream. We may have no idea how to get what is wanted, but it is essential that we believe, ultimately, we will have what is wanted. We don’t need to know exactly what to do. The first steps are acknowledging the dream, being excited by the dream, developing a committed relationship with the dream and believing we are worthy of having it.

Use affirmations, pictures, positive thinking, motivational tapes, prayer, self-love, visualization and whatever it takes, to reaffirm this dream and the belief we can have what we want. Using these techniques daily is required to slowly, but surely, change thinking patterns, create new beliefs and give dreams momentum.

It’s okay to have fear. Fear often means we are headed in the right direction. The fear signals that this is something that is wanted. It’s just that we don’t know how to get what we want, so fears pop up to stop us from risking failure. Acknowledge fear as part of the journey.

Great achievers have a habit. They “see” things. They walk around with pictures of what they are wanting to create. They already see themselves as having what they want. Everything starts out with a dream. Visualize success. See the light at the end of the tunnel before even starting. Create an inner dialog of success and allow self to already feel the feelings of achievement.

Imagine the difference between these two scenarios. The first person, Gail, walks around with a clear vision of herself having already achieved her goals. Multiple times each day, she pulls up her dream and spends time with the physical excitement of imagining a successful outcome. Each day she speaks loving words to herself, and leads herself with strength, kindness and compassion. She plays with her dream, offering it a relationship of love. When obstacles occur, she may fall flat, but at some point her internal leader remembers the vision. Her focus and attention are drawn back to feeling good combined with what is wanted.

A second person, Ben, hasn’t yet developed he ability to hold strong to a vision. The first obstacle comes along and knocks him flat on the ground. Ben stays there, accepting his defeat. His dream is buried as decides the failure is proof he can’t have what he wants. His inner dialog is self-critical. He feels frustration, anger, discouragement, disgust and the hopelessness of “What’s the point?” Both Gail and Ben are going to run into obstacles. Both will meet with disappointment, fear, failure and other obstacles. There is no avoiding them. Who is more likely to achieve their dreams, Gail or Ben?

Decide where you are at now, and what seems like the right place to begin. Action means starting at the right place at the right time. Action steps may mean first spending time imagining what is wanted, what a joyful life would look like. Action steps may require writing the dream, defining meaningful positive affirmations, allowing time each day to visualize the dream, adding exciting emotions to the dream, or breaking down an overwhelming change into smaller, manageable steps. It might take weeks or even months of doing these steps before we are ready to move on to the next level of action.

Each person has within them individual ideas of what is exciting. An exciting idea does not come from left brain logic. It comes from deep within, from center. It has no logical basis. It is an idea of creation. An exciting idea which brings more life, more energy. Perhaps our ideas lie in the creation of a flower garden, a home redecorating project, a self-initiated business or the physical embodiment of spirit. The size of the desire is irrelevant. Relevance lies within excitement. Does the idea stir up passion, bring more life, bring a twinge of awakening? Our purpose to stay true to inner desires, come back as often as possible to the excitement of carrying those dreams. We allow ourselves to intentionally feel good, right now, even as the dream is but an illusionary reverie.

Remember no one is making you do this. This is your dream for yourself. Other people may support us, and then again, they may not. Remember, it is not their dream and not their obligation to make it happen for us. We have to believe in our dream, summon the excitement for ourselves, stay true to the process of creation. Creating our dream will require much effort, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to get what is waned. Fall in love with the journey itself — not just the outcome. Fall in love with yourself for having a dream.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Annette Colby, RD
Nutrition Therapist & Master Energy Therapist

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