Hi, I'm Michael Cohen, Bioenergy Healer and Teacher...welcome to the world of energy medicine and energy healing. I work within the field of Bioenergy using a technique known as Bio Plasmic Manipulation (BPM). My website will take you through the different applications and techniques that i am able to share with you to enable you to move beyond your current limitations and restrictions.

'You along with everyone else have the ability to work with energy; the only restriction is your mind. With Bio Plasmic Manipulation you can enhance your perception enabling you to 'jump-start' your self-healing mechanism and excel in your performance.'

On one level or another, you right here and now are working with energy. Consider how you came about my work or this website...you didn't come across it by chance or coincidence ...statistically that probability would be say 1 in 100,000. The connection came about for a purpose...its all about attraction i.e. magnetism. As you will discover more about my work, you will see and experience how you, everyone and everything is interconnected on an electro-magnetic level.

Very simply i work with your body's circuitry ...your energy matrix. By working on this level can enable you to increase/ restore your energy flow by way of releasing energy blockages/ traumas. Bio Plasmic Manipulation technique is not only the easy option it is dynamic yet subtle, because it can enable your body to release emotional and physical blockages without ANALYSING the Why's, When's and How's...the easy route.

A blockage is a blockage whether it is in your central heating system, computer or your body its all the same...release the blockage and you get flow. When you have flow your body can heal and perform effectively and efficiently.

Bio Plasmic Manipulation works on the following levels:

On a Healing Level , BPM can enable you to release emotional and physical traumas, which you may experience as an: ache or pain; illness or dis-ease; psychological or emotional issue.

On a Performance Enhancement Level, BPM techniques can work with those of you who are: stuck in a rut; under-performing; and those who wish to excel or achieve dynamic results by enhancing your own natural ability to perform. You can aspire to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS by enhancing, improving and excelling on any of the following levels: physical, intellectual, emotional, instinctual and spiritual.

On a Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Level, BPM can be effective in; relieving pain and correcting the problem; releasing the memory pattern involved with repetitive injury/motion; enhancing your ability to self-heal and rehabilitate; and reduce your exposure to future injuries.

On any of the above levels i can work with you through a short series of 1-2-1 sessions and through my teaching courses and workshops at my practices in London.

Author's Bio: 

Over the last 9 years Michael’s study of philosophy & metaphysics combined with his personal development work have synergised in his ever-evolving philosophical and ethical approach to life.

Michael has a natural and heightened perception of energy, and its interconnectedness that is intrinsically part of each and every breath, action and thought. His experiential and experimental techniques continually evolve leading to positive results.

I am available for 1-2-1 healing sessions and workshops. Please contact me by: email selfgrowth@bioenergytools.com tel +44(0)845 456 1336 web www.bioenergytools.com