Human Body MOT Training Course
26 - 27 February 2005 - London

also, April, June & August 2005

The Human Body MOT Training Course offers you a unique opportunity to learn how you can service and maintain your body's system in an: effective, efficient and preventative way.

It will provide you with the tools for you to be able to work towards you fulfilling your full human potential, and move beyond past limitations and boundaries. With these tools you will be able to start to work on - yourself, family and friends.

'Unless we learn to service and maintain our body system we cannot expect it function in a balanced way and neither can we expect it to work effectively in our latter years. We need to start to look at our body as a system and maintain it with the same care and regularity that we service our: car, computer and heating system. Then we can be assured of getting the optimum: productivity, efficiency and extended life.' Michael Cohen

Working with the dynamic technique of Bioenergy Self-Healing Treatment Technique you can learn how to use your hands and body to work with your own energy system. Working on this circuitry level can have a profound effect to:

Recover from old and current: physical, emotional and psychological - illnesses, conditions and injuries.

Bring balance and order so that you are not so exposed and effected by emotional and psychological: issues, conflicts and traumas.

Enhance your body's system to perform in an effective, efficient and preventative way.

Scan your body at the onset of a symptom and then release it before the symptoms get harsher.

Enhance your entire body's system so that it is able to detoxify and is less re-active to: synthetics, chemicals and pollutants - environmental and electro-magnetic.

Listen to your body, enabling you to recognize that a symptom is a signal rather than just an ailment.

Reduce your exposure to illness, conditions and injuries.

Proactively make a swift and fuller rehabilitation when exposed to trauma.

Training Syllabus

Training is set over the 3 days with 18 hours of hands-on training. The training course is split into two stages:

Stage 1 - A 2-day weekend training course in the Bioenergy Foundation Techniques.

Stage 2 - A 1-day (Sat or Sun) training day in the Enhanced Self-Healing Techniques.

Students will learning how to:

-Feel energy in their hands;

-Use their hands to scan the 'body's energy system';

-work with the body's energy centres (also known as Chakras);

-Scan the energy body for blockages;

-Instinctually manipulate the blockages with their finger;

-Stretch energy bands as a form of defragmentation to release the memory patterns;

-Use their hands and body's energy system as an affective and efficient tool;

-Heal minor injuries, internal and external, on themselves, family and friends;

-And enhance their perception and sensitivity to working with energy.

For full Bioenergy Healing techniques visit

Also incorporated in the syllabus will be:

-An overview of energy medicine;

-A synopsis of the scientific basis to Bioenergy Healing treatment;

-Advice on nutrition, exercise and water intake;

-And advice on maintaining their own energy system.


The course is suitable for:

-Complete beginners;

-People who wish to learn a healing form to practice on themselves, friends and family;

-People already working with alternative therapies who want to broaden their skills;

-Clients of Michael who wish to learn how to work on themselves between and beyond 1-2-1 sessions. Thereby enhancing their treatment and self-empowering them to heal themselves;

-And practitioners. Bioenergy Healing techniques can be an effective tool for those practitioners who wish to learn a new type of therapy or enhance other bodywork and movement therapies.


Upon completion of the workshop each student will be forwarded a Certificate of Completion of Bio-energy Self-Healing Workshop. For those students or practitioners registered for CPD points the certificate will qualify for 18 CPD points. It should be noted that this workshop although extensive is an introductory workshop and will not qualify a student to practice as a Bioenergy Practitioner.


"I really enjoyed the course and have been using the techniques...and feel capable/proficient, I think I just need to give it time and practice...I thought the course was really interesting and a good mix of information and practical skills…I thought the space was brilliant and I liked your relaxed and yet extremely focused style..." Tessa Gaynn (practitioner).

"...and felt it was inspirational. My intuition is taking me towards further learning and linking this with sound and movement in some way - Combining all three and using as a healing tool." Jason Rose

"Michael organised the course well with humour and thoroughness. I felt that in a very short space of time that i had made headway and was capable of achieving the set tasks. He was patient in re-explaining methods and concerns..." Penny Smyly (Psychotherapist)

"...very informative and powerful...very good to have a mix of people, it showed me how different energies can feel. I feel very positive now about my sensitivity and working with energy in the future." Liz Cashin

"Whilst the Healing Workshop had its structured agenda, I felt that Michael catered for each individual participant. All aspects covered were communicated in easy terms that all could relate to. I do feel that the 'Bioenergy' way has provided a valuable factor to my understanding of what contributes towards the condition for good/bad health..." Marcus Bouewijn

Bio-energy Student Support Group

Once a student has completed the Foundation Training Workshop they will be invited to become a member of the Bioenergy Student Support Group.

Membership will include:

Periodic training sessions. The support group is exclusive to students who have completed the foundation course. It will enable students to meet and practice with other students to enhance the tools under supervision.

Partnering with other students who are located close to one another to further their practice.

Further training to a higher level or opportunity to enrol on a Practitioner Training Course (subject to approval).


To book your place and for further information contact:

Bioenergy Healing Clinic
Administration Office
4 Gloucester Road
N W London
United Kingdom

tel: 0845 456 1336 (from overseas 0044 20 8427 9774)

£40 discount on all booking when making full payment 21 days in advance.

Explore & Experiment

Explore a 1-2-1 Healing Treatment before you commit yourself to the training workshop. This experiential session will give you a good overview of the techniques involved.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Cohen, founder of the Bioenergy Healing Research (BHR) Foundation works at the cutting edge of Bioenergy medicine and healing treatment. His ongoing exploratory and experimental approach to his work continues to push the boundaries of human: rehabilitation, development and potential.

He now has established 3 Bioenergy Healing Clinics in London. Michael is a full member of the Association of Energy Therapists, Healing Foundation, CMA and BCMA. Michael offers 1-2-1 treatments & certified training.

Michael like most of his clients comes from a background where hyper-sensitivities effected him on an: emotional, psychological and physical level. They brought with them many disruptions, discomforts, physiological disorders and pains. These included sensitivity/intolerances to a wide range of foods, chemicals, environmental and electro pollution. Additionally for 16 years he suffered with debilitating spinal problems. Symptoms and ailments included degenerate discs, scoliosis, Sherman's Disease, sciatica and hyper-mobility - causing him major physical restrictions as well as frequent and repetitive injuries.

Using Bioenergy Treatment Michael has overcome all his food intolerances and hyper-sensitivities. This has enabled him to adapt (without compromise) to the environment around him. Similarly he finds that his sensitivities now enhance his life rather than restrict it as it has previously. In respect to his spinal problems he has experienced re-alignment, strength and mobility which has brought with it confidence, and the continued ability to excel on a physical level beyond any previous limitation and boundary. His physical activities now include: off-road mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, martial arts and running.

Another aspect which is attributed to his work is his eye vision which over the last 2 years has seen his glasses prescription reduced by 75%. He has gone from full-time glasses use down to only using them for driving.