The laws of the universe allow an incarnated being to choose sovereignty over their realm by Clearing the Lines of every aspect of any soul lineage that has, and have previously inhabited the host body (physical body). You have the free will right to be liberated from all that would allow potential and possible detrimental scenarios within your life path.
Working with the triad of the aspects of your collective soul essence is considered to be acceptable and not a breach of any universal law, as long as the triad of each aspect is the principal governing ruler of the choice to accept or refuse the offering of the line clearing tool.
Clearing the Lines is a sacred expansion and enlightenment tool that aids the illumination of the soul lineage of an individual and blesses the lives of every being within their social and family structure. The practitioner, The Creator and the Triad of each aspect of the soul are the only governing directors involved in the clearing. The triad of an aspect consists of the consciousness of the aspects collective soul essence, the singular consciousness of the aspects soul essence residing within the host body (physical body) and the group consciousness of all sentients residing within the living unit of the aspect’s host body. There are three processes within the Line Clearing and each of these are a gift from the Creator, to assist sentient beings to evolve to a higher consciousness free of suppression and limitation that could be implemented by the ‘adversary to light’ through the genetic and soul lineage. Each process is designed to support the principals of sovereignty and autonomy, which will allow individuals to claim stewardship of their realm and the life that unfolds within it..
The first process in ‘Clearing the Lines’ clears the line of the full soul lineage (self), the second process clears the lines of all maternal and paternal ancestors, the third process clears the full genetic lines of all the aspects of the soul lineage.
The Thin cloak – There are thin cloaks (veils) dividing the many realms, timelines and dimensions within the illusions of time and space. These cloaks or veils play a very important role in the evolution of sentient beings. They support a linear view of events on this and other worlds. They allow an individual to follow a pattern of growth and development rather than viewing the whole of their soul lineage and the lives of their ancestors which could limit the significance of an evolution. The cloak is designed to serve in the personal evolution of each aspect of the self by aiding them to be independent of the views of their evolving soul essence. Any individual evolving to a higher consciousness may be vulnerable to the aspects of their soul’s lineage that are linked with the forces of the shadow, opposing the principals of love, sovereignty, autonomy and the re-establishment of one’s remembrance of the truth of the Divine Essence within themselves.
Clearing the Lines will remove all potential for suppression or limiting interaction through the genetic and/or soul lines. It will also aim an opportunity for each aspect of the soul to evolve freed from the potential imbalance that may have been instigated by other aspects in the soul’s lineage. Clearing the Lines will block any path of interaction from the aspect’s of your soul’s lineage that are embracing a life plan that may potentially limit your personal growth through their well-meaning or ill-intentioned purposeful dealings.
The adversary to lightness (negativity) is an essential part of the journey of every sentient being. The role it plays within the drama of everyone’s existence is a vital part of the Plan of the Creator. It is a necessary component of your journey to discovery. Without the adversary to lightness there would be no motive for us to search for the truth of ourselves and there would be no duality or opposition to overcome along the pathway’s of our soul’s journeys. We would quickly remember that we are the original nature of Divine Love, experiencing individuality through self expression and discovery… therefore the journey would lose its significance. The divine purpose of our soul’s evolution is to remember that we are LOVE.

I offer you this clearing and expansion tool to assist you in your evolution to higher consciousness.
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Sharon Ellis is an international teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique, Remedial Therapist, Healer and Author. She has a profound knowledge of philosophy and holistic therapies.