The changing of the seasons always provides an opportunity for personal development. Spring is a time to reflect upon one's self and life, clear out old ideas and beliefs, and cut away things from the past to allow for new growth.

From the depth of his trance, Edgar Cayce, the great American psychic, proclaimed, "Plant good seeds in fertile soil." The fertile soil in this metaphor is a healthy state of mind and body, as well as right action. In other readings, Cayce often referred to thought as the seed of intention. In this simple utterance, Cayce's source was suggesting that both holding a clear ideal (or positive intention) and making the mind and body healthy allows our dreams and goals to sprout within us, then grow out into the world.

Often in my practice, I find that doing good forgiveness work is a crucial piece of clearing the mind field for that new growth to take plac. Anger, resentment, guilt, and fear can stem from holding on to hurt. This hurt is so often unconsciously held, that most people don't even realize it is within them! And holding these feelings deep in the mind can be detrimental, not only to our happiness, but also to our health.

Taking the time to adequate forgiveness work is well worth your effort. Think you've already done it? There often remains of part of ourselves that is still hurt or saddened by the events from the past, and only complete forgiveness results in complete healing. If you're not sure if you have completely forgiven someone from your past, ask yourself if they were standing in front of you now, could you tell them you love them- and really mean it? If not, do the following exercise. It only takes a few minutes and provides tremendous relief when done in its entirety.

1. Close your eyes and take a few long, slow breaths. In your mind's eye, see all the people who have ever hurt you (mentally, physically, or emotionally) standing in a field in a circle around you. Turn yourself all the way around, looking each person in the eyes. See them for who they really are beneath the layers of circumstance and personality.

2. Imagine a soft white light above your head and a warm glow beneath your feet. Pull the light from above and below into your heart. Cultivate a feeling of unconditional love, and send that energy from your heart into each person in the circle. With each person, say, in your mind, that you forgive them fully. Fill them with love, cut any cords that remain between you, and watch them drift away. For anyone in the circle that you want to stay in your life, have them remain with you.

3. Once everyone has been forgiven, pull the light of love back into yourself. See yourself standing in front of you, like looking in a mirror. Say "I love you and forgive you" to yourself. Watch as the guilt, sadness, hurt, anger, and resentments flow out of your body/mind and are replaced by unconditional love. Take your time and really feel the old feelings leave entirely. Step into your new reflection and feel the love and release. Breathe gently and let the light move through you and out into the world. When it is complete, you may open your eyes.

Author's Bio: 

Janis Ericson is the Director of Lightwork Seminars, Intl. She is a full-time NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer, and Reiki Master. Her passion is teaching the power of choice in emotional well-being and health.