There are many clearing techniques to get rid of limiting beliefs and stop self sabotage. When you use them, you unleash the power within and create inner wisdom and inner balance. Many recommend these techniques including Christian life coaches, miracles life coaching, a course in miracles. Even Tony Robbins. So, we want to put some emphasis on these because they are so effective.

The first clearing technique we are going to talk about is hooponopo. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len wrote Zero Limits, a book about using ho’oponopono as a cleansing prayer. The premise is it stirs up old memories. It is used to clear old memories and stuck energy. How it works is by repeating 4 phases. “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you”.
These 4 phrases connect you to the divine in you. The theory is that we are all part of the whole, the universe being everybody is part of the whole.

So whenever you get upset about something that is clearly a limiting belief, try those 4 phrases. The theory is that it clears that memory or it transmutes that memory and takes that memory out of your thought process.

There is another technique called the science of getting rich. Many people find this very effective, too. On a sheet of paper they describe the negative conditions that they are experiencing.

So for example, let us say I am experiencing feeling uncreative. I would write down and describe the situation as it is now. “Today I noticed that when I had to write my speech, I struggled. I am sure it is because I am not creative. If it had anything to do with business, it would be no problem. That is what I am really good at.”

Write it out, really express it, feel it, allow yourself to feel it. Even though it does not feel pleasant, I would not suppress my feelings about feeling uncreative. Then put that sheet aside.
And on a 2nd sheet of paper, write out how you want the situation to be. Really get into the joyful feeling associated with having, doing or being who you want to be. So I might write something like “today I wrote a killer speech and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Hum, maybe I should write more stuff. I know how good I am at this. I know how capable I am.” So really get into that feeling.

Then you take the 1st sheet, look it over. Then burn it.
Then you take the 2nd sheet, fold it up and carry it with you for a week looking at it occasionally.

And that is called the science of getting rich.

Another clearing technique is called EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique. It is based on the energy meridians in the body. The premise is memories are stuck energy. When you tap on your energy meridians, you actually release that energy.

There’s a manual on line that tells you how to use it and why it works. I recommend you try that one, too.

And you can experiment with the other techniques. There are many of them out there.

Does this make sense to you? Are you familiar with your limiting beliefs or are they completely hidden from you? Because it could be either way. Try to clear them away.

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