What are you taking in? Our grandparents before us were born into a world with minimal newspaper exposure, no radios, no television and no other stimuli distractions, except for the occasional game that made them think or strategize. Bill Jensen, author of “Simplicity”, “the most conservative estimates show business information doubling every three years, and at some companies, it doubles every year.” Think about it. Isn’t it amazing that Edison could have even developed the light bulb by this time? He only had books available to him. Do we really need more information? Or do we need to start looking within for intuitive information. Have we lost touch with our internal landscape?

These days we would rather allow headphones to cover their ears than listen to our children’s day at school. We live independently in family households. Technology has offered us information and enjoyment, but is it worth the distraction? Could we be more focused and productive in our businesses if we could just quiet our “wild mustang minds” and separate ourselves from this technological clutter?

Our mind is full of both “inspired” thoughts and “not-so-inspired” thoughts from our past beliefs and stories. Do you know what to listen to? What thoughts are “inspired” and what are damaging “gremlins”? Are you quiet enough to allow your intuition or sixth sense to take control?

We are born with an intellect and the right to believe or disbelieve, but are we even questioning what others are telling us anymore? Are you still questioning stories that are brought to you from family or the news? What do you believe?

So, I ask you… What is on your mind? Can you slow down and listen to what you are telling yourself? Can you begin to put aside a time to slow down and quiet your mind? How much more garbage are you going to put in your head before you start sharing your authentic gifts and living your true purpose-driven life?

Where’s Your Mind Now?

When you wake up every morning, do you ask yourself, “What am I going to create today?” Do you ask yourself, “What can I offer others?” What about, “What am I going to do to get what I want from my life today?”

Think back to when you brushed your teeth this morning? What were you thinking about? Was it the future health of your teeth or were you thinking about how to respond to emails you have been piled up in your inbox?

So, what’s your present intention? Right now, what is the purpose of reading this? Will it change you? Or are you just taking it in as leisure time activity? What will be your intention when you cook dinner tonight? Will it be to throw mac and cheese together because you don’t have time to nourish your body? Or will you take the time to cook fresh vegetables?

Is this making sense? How do YOU focus your mind from moment to moment? Now, now, now and now?

I guess the real question is… what tools can you put in place to keep your mind consciously focused on the present moment?

Focus Success Tools:

Here are “mental focus” suggestions I offer my clients. These tools usually take three to six weeks to really become a part of a mental habit.

#1: The rubber around the wrist. It doesn’t have to be tight and you don’t have to snap it, but when you see it on your wrist you will be reminded to focus on your present intention.

#2: Drop reminder notes around the house, on the fridge and near the bathroom mirror—another other places you see each day.

#3: The reminder rock. Keep a small rock in your pocket or on your desk. When you see the rock remind yourself of your intention.

#4: Ask yourself. What is coming in my eyes, ears, nose and mouth? In other words, what are you seeing, hearing, smelling and eating? Are these things help you live a more fulfilled life?

The new habit of intention will become your purposeful habit with practice and perseverance. Distractions will fly at you from every angle. Be vigilant about your personal need to opt out of the technological crossfire.

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Author's Bio: 

JEN BLACKERT spent 13 years in corporate America holding executive marketing and internet marketing positions. She left the corporate grind and launched an online-on-the-phone nutritional coaching & emotional eating business, mostly through internet marketing. In 8 months, she was sending an e-newsletter to 6,000+ subscribers and getting more clients than she could handle. By 12 months, she sold her company to a competitor.

She now arms small business owners with step-by-step, hand-holding marketing and success tools so they can build a massive list, attract all the clients they want and create a business of their dreams.