Some people seem to have Midas touch - whatever they touch turns into gold, whatever they undertake prospers, wherever they turn they seem to make money effortlessly. Opportunities come their way and they know how to make the best out of them.

Some people seem to struggle financially no matter what they do. They may be able to make the ends meet, but enjoying greater comforts in life, living a life without financial struggles or worries seems perpetually beyond their reach. They wonder why is it so hard for them to prosper financially, while it seems so easy and effortless for others. What are they missing?

Popular beliefs would say that if you have a better education and if you follow some common sense principles for creating wealth, such as make money, save money and invest it, you are bound to prosper financially - yet, all things being equal, for many people even following these common sense principles doesn't seem to help much. People with less education may get better jobs and invested money can be lost due to investments that might have seemed promising, but turned out to be poor choices.

Sometimes the reasons for our financial struggles may not be obvious. They may be buried deep within our subconscious minds in the form of ideas, beliefs, worldviews we have inherited from our ancestors, from our cultural or religious upbringing.

Some people have an ingrained belief that money is somehow unholy and that spirituality and financial prosperity cannot co-exist. They believe that the less money they have, the more spiritual they are. While attachment to material things could make it more challenging to progress spiritually, it is even more challenging to meditate if you are hungry, cold, worried or uncomfortable. Throughout history, the only people who benefited from the idea that poverty is holy are those who wanted to control others. It is much easier to control people who need your help just to survive than those who have all their needs met. Just like a perfectly content person cannot be seduced, a person whose all needs and desires are met cannot be controlled or manipulated. If you still have conflicting beliefs about financial prosperity, you may ponder if living in poverty, if suffering from financial lack, if struggling to meet your needs has ever been beneficial for you or for your family.

Some people have an ingrained belief that making money must be hard, or that they have to suffer for it, or that they have to struggle - because someone told them so, and because they lived with this belief throughout their lives, they kept on reinforcing it through their personal experience.

When people develop the same health problems their ancestors had, medical doctors say that these people were genetically predisposed to develop such health problems, and yet others would say that these people developed the same health problems because they engaged in the same unhealthy habits as their ancestors, the same kind of nutrition and lifestyle that contributed to such health problems.

Just as we could become genetically predisposed to health problems, some people say that we can likewise become genetically predisposed to inheriting financial problems, because our genes and our cells carry memory. Another way of looking at this would be to say that our parents brought us up in a way that encouraged poverty or prosperity consciousness, and that we have adopted and impressed the believes of poverty or prosperity upon our subconscious minds and these are influencing the way we think, we act and the opportunities we attract into our lives.

Sometimes people "inherit" beliefs of fear, shame or guilt usually because someone had at some point said or done something to invalidate them. Someone may have said that "you're not good", that "you're not worthy", that "you'll never amount to anything" or that "you'll always have to work hard and struggle in order to accomplish anything". Adults say all sorts of things to children, sometimes because they genuinely believe those things and hope to protect their children from disappointment by impressing them with limiting beliefs, and sometimes they say things because they are frustrated or believe that it will be easier to control children if they instill fear into them, and children, being very impressionable, accept these statements as truths. Also all sorts of organizations use fear, shame and guilt to control people and people accept what they are told as facts of life.

Some people are used to living from a victim state of consciousness. They may feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking responsibility for their lives and for what they experience in their lives. That idea may scare them or may simply be too much because then they cannot use any excuses why they are not experiencing what they desire in life. Some people have been brought up with a belief that a "poor me" attitude will bring them certain benefits, that if they appear to be suffering the more will other people care for them and want to do things for them because they feel sorry for them. Many of these beliefs and attitudes may have developed totally out of conscious awareness, as a coping mechanism, as the best choices the individual could make based on the information he had, in order to survive and cope with daily challenges.

Some fears that may be sabotaging your success may not even deal with money directly, but may deal with some issues related to what you are required to do in order to become financially prosperous (e.g. you may need to speak in public or have contact with lots of people) or what you will have to deal with after you are financially prosperous (e.g. you may be swamped with people wanting some of your money and you need to deal with it). Financially wealthy people would tell you that everyone should become financially wealthy not just because of money, but because of the qualities you need to develop within yourself in order to become financially wealthy. For example while learning all you can about money can help you to manage money better, developing great communication and people skills can be invaluable in helping you to climb the ladder of success.

Another possibility for adverse financial conditions is that people sometimes make different kinds of vows, intentionally or unintentionally, and may have no memory of such vows. Some of those vows may be from this lifetime, some may be from other lifetimes. Moreover since we live in an ocean of energy and information, there is also a possibility that a fragment of someone else's consciousness may be attached to ours and is influencing us in some way. The vows may range from vows of poverty, to vows that we don't want to work in a particular line of work or that we don't want to work in particular conditions or with particular people. Sometimes we might have made these kinds of vows simply because we've had some unpleasant experiences or we got fed up with something and wished never to have anything to do with anything that may even remotely resemble that situation at any time in the future. Situations and conditions in life change and what may have seemed to be an appropriate decision at one time may be now subconsciously creating an obstacle and sabotaging our financial success at a present time. These beliefs may be buried so deep within our subconscious mind that we are consciously completely unaware of them.

From the perspective of metaphysics and quantum physics everything is made out of energy and consciousness - or intelligent energy - including people, things, places, and conditions. The thoughts and emotions people think and feel are not only impressed upon their own bodies, upon their own energy fields, but upon things they use and upon places in which they live. Perhaps you have been in a place that has good vibes, a place that feels in harmony with you, and a place that has vibes that make you feel uncomfortable and you can't wait to get away from it. In some places you may feel happy vibes, in some places depressing vibes, in some places yo may feel spiritual vibes, in some places you may feel unsettling vibes. The vibes of poverty and prosperity may be likewise impressed upon a place. If you move into a place where people have habitually entertained thoughts and feelings of financial lack, chances are that you may also begin to experience financial lack. If you are moving into a new place, it may be a good idea to clear the energy of that place and to charge it with appropriate energy - if you want to enjoy greater prosperity, with the energy of prosperity.

The good news is that you can neutralize any negative influences that may be adversely affecting your prosperity, whether you know what those influences consciously or not. The supraliminal plus CD - Clear negative influences that adversely affect your prosperity in any way is designed to help you neutralize any adverse energies that may be sabotaging your financial success and open the way for greater prosperity in your life.

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