Not all items of clutter around the home are actually clutter and certainly not all of them can be thrown out. There will be some items that you will need to store either short term or long term. In these instances you should use the appropriate storage boxes to keep them tidy and in good condition. Storing these items in old cardboard boxes and bin liners will see the items within become damaged, broken or torn. In most cases this will also make them useless.

As well as providing them with the proper storage containers, you should also make sure that you store them in the appropriate place and label them accurately. If you are storing items in the attic or in the basement then you should be sure to place the short-term storage items at the front so you can access them easily and quickly whenever you need them. On the other hand, store items that you never use but can’t throw away behind the items you are storing short-term.

Short-term storage items include seasonal items such as Christmas trees, ornaments and decorations. These items should not only be easy to reach but they should also be well labeled. Using proper storage boxes that are sturdy and will withstand the pressure they need to will also enable you to easily label them. Try not to use unusual abbreviations though, because while it may make perfect sense when you write the label but 12 months or possibly even further down the line you may not remember what it meant. Use a full explanation of what is in the box wherever possible, but when this isn’t possible use abbreviations that are self-explanatory or are commonly used.

Making Room for Your Hobbies

Everyone has something that interests them. Some people are into model cars; others collect coins, stamps, comic books or trading cards; and others are scrapbook, rubber stamping or crocheting enthusiasts. Whatever your personal hobby of choice is, it is important to have an area in your home that is dedicated to that is interest. This space can be as large or small as you see fit, and obviously, what you need within that space entirely depends on what it is you are planning to do there.

This space is yours. You may feel free to clutter it up in the course of your pursuits. In fact, do not worry about keeping it neat while you are actually working on your hobbies. Your concentration should be on the things that interest you, not on keeping this area organized. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to actually get anything done for fear of making a bit of a mess.

Now, here is the trick. Clutter up you hobby area all you like, but be sure to clear clutter when you are done using it. Many areas that were once dedicated to someone’s hobby have fallen into chaos and ended up as a glorified storage area because no one bothered to clean it up when they were done using it. This should not be a difficult process, as long as you have set up storage within your space where your various supplies and such can be kept. This is something to consider when you are putting your space together. A few dollars worth of plastic bins may be all you will need to keep your area organized. You will find that a few minutes of organization when you are done using your area will allow you the most possible freedom the next time you use it again and will significantly clear clutter in your home.

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