Are you strapped for time? You can get small things out of the way, but don't have time for those big projects until the weekend; so what can you do to fill in those spaces of time and help keep your home controlled of clutter?

One minute or less projects to help keep your cleaning and clutter under control,

Feed the dog or cat
Wash the animal dishes
Clean the litter box
Brush the dog or cat
Pick up dog or cat hair

wipe off the cupboards
Wash the kitchen table
Wipe the refrigerator, stove or microwave
Clean the sink and the faucet
Clean the coffee pot
Wipe the shelves on the inside of the refrigerator
Sweep the floor
Wipe the cupboard handles and knobs
Clean the cobwebs in the corners

Living Room
Dust the tables
Clean the clutter
Throw out the newspaper and old magazines
Dust or clean the remote control for the tv
Wipe and sanitize the telephone
Wipe the dust off of picture frames
Clean cobwebs in the corners
Sweep the floor
Water the plants
Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet to absorb odors

Throw the dirty clothes in the laundry
Make the bed
Wash the window
Dust a dresser or nightstand
Empty the trash can

Wash the mirror
Wipe the outside of the toilet and tank
Wipe off the counter
Dust the wall hangings
Change the toilet paper roll or Kleenex box
Rearrange a cabinet
Put out fresh towels
Sweep the floor
Spray air freshener

Throw a load of clothes in the washer or dryer
Wipe the laundry soap container
Spray a stain or soak an article of clothing
Clean the lint out of the dryer
Wipe the outside of the washer and dryer
Wipe the inside of the washer and dryer
Clean the lint screen
Wipe the laundry baskets

Miscellaneous Items
Clean a light bulb of smoke and dirt
Charge a cell phone-put in charger
Organize your magazines
Clean the TV screen
Wipe the switch plates in the house
Clean the doorknobs in the house
Wash the mirrors
Wipe dirt off of a lamp shade
Polish the kitchen table
Throw away the junk mail
Sharpen pencils
Straighten a coat closet
Spray deodorizer in a room

One minute in your life, can and will, make a difference in your total surroundings, if you use that minute wisely. Sometimes by doing things gradually, it will keep your clutter and home in control until you have time for a thorough cleaning. Remember to take baby steps whenever you can to help use your time to your benefit.

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Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer, that helps to give you shortcuts, for easy cleaning and organizing solutions and to give you more time to enjoy life. Get her free pamphlets and order her new book '101 Home Hints' at