All sexually active men have prostatitis; 2,000,000 American men have acute, painful, disruptive prostatitis. Of these prostatitis sufferers, each year approximately 300,000 get prostate cancer and 40,000 actually die. While surgery and radiation may help eliminate the immediate problem, it will result in reduced quality of life, often including impotence and incontinence. It is important to take care of the prostate before problems begin. Often there are no warning signs; waiting for symptoms may be waiting too long.

? Understand what causes cancer and prostatitis, including toxins from the diet, drugs, environment, pesticides and parasites.
? Reverse the cancer causing effects by cleansing and strengthening vital organs, including the colon and prostate.

Breakthroughs have led to improved methods of diagnosis, but medical treatments for prostatitis and prostate cancer are not working very well with 76% recurrence and 80% severe side effects. It is important to understand and address the causes of prostate problems and how other problems in the body can affect the prostate. Taking measures to create a healthy prostate can prevent dealing with the less than satisfactory measures needed to treat prostate illness.

The Ten Steps to a Healthy Prostate and greater vitality as a whole:

1) Avoid sugar, tobacco, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. All are harmful to the prostate.

2) Eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible, adding reasonable amounts of soy products to your food regime.

3) Avoid saturated fats, meats, dairy, and limit calories from fat to 20% of total daily calories.

4) Have a happy love and sex life.

5) Have a check-up by a Biologic Dentist. Problems in the mouth such as amalgam fillings, infections, and root canals cause prostate problems.

6) Utilize the Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) test to reverse acidity and get into pH balance so that cancer cannot live in your body, as explained in Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery.

7) Be happy- exercise regularly along with breathing and meditation to handle stress, a major factor in prostate problems.

8) Have a Prostate Specific antigent (PSA) and an EPS test to determine prostate health in your 40's, then annually after 50. Avoid taking antibiotics, which have been shown to exacerbate prostatitis. Prostatitis can be cured by using the herbal product Peenuts, before it becomes cancer.

9) Take supplements such as neoProstate, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Nettles, Avena Setiva as indicated by the BTA and/or as recommended by your health professional.

10) Cleanse the accumulation of toxins by doing the Ultimate Fast, an 8-day high energy lemonade fast spelled out in chapter five of Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Sugery. MORE ON CLEANSING: Prostate and other cancers are largely a product of developed nations, led by the United States. Why? The answer seems to be the many forms of toxins that we drink, eat, breathe and are otherwise exposed to in our daily lives, without having fasting or other means in our modern culture for the body to cleanse, purify and rejuvenate.

Toxins in our culture are rampant: from pesticides--which are designed to work on the insects reproductive systems--in our already mineral-lacking food; to heavy metals, fuels and solvents in our drinking water; to electrical/microwave frequencies all around us. Ninety-eight percent of us are hosts to parasites, which excrete their own toxins. Even the US government recently announced that toxins in our environment are causing cancer. By contrast, Israel has experienced a dramatic decline of breast cancer since banning pesticides 10 years ago.

Fasting, which historically has been a part of our human existence and a very effective way to eliminate the accumulated toxins, is now very much out of favor. Most practitioners and people object to fasting for various "reasons", perhaps because most of us are hypoglycemic, and "can't go without food for 2 hours". It is hard to convince people that my fast is fun and produces major results in 1 week. Even MD's on my team who are very impressed by the results, have trouble recommending fasting to their patients and/or themselves. Yet those who do my Ultimate Fast, as outlined in chapter 5 of "Prostate health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery," and on, uniformly tell me how easy it is, and how great they feel during and after the fast. I frequently hear, "I feel better on this fast than I do eating food," and the results measured by the BTA and how people feel are dramatic. Prostate problems significantly improve or disappear after a single fast.

Cleansing is the essential beginning, the cornerstone, of a return to the deeper, happier, health of pH balance and oxygenation, in which cancer cannot live.

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LARRY CLAPP, Ph.D., J.D., was diagnosed with prostate cancer in
1990. Given the limited options of surgery and radiation, he began
intensive research into self-healing alternatives and developed a treatment
for prostate cancer, which he successfully used to cure himself. Today,
cancer-free, he continues his research while helping others to heal
through his books, website, audiotape series and international
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