The Power of Me, Myself and I.

We are welcoming to those who are our extensions focused within that which, to them, is in reality. We are, as you have already been given to know, that which is of your greatest essences and we focalize through one who is capable of conceptualizing the energy wavelengths that would be our thoughts. There is for you a lesson today given to make clearer the relationship between we who speak to you as you have your human backsides pressed upon your human made chairs and so that you might understand more fully let us begin by giving to you this knowledge: We are the you of you that you do not readily recognize when you gaze into your mirrors. We are not that which is of highest wisdom but we are indeed that which is interconnected with the wisdom that is combined, that is contributed to by all. We are as you are and as you think so are we. That which you and we are thinking and conceptualizing is added unto that which is the totality of all.

There is a saying upon your world which our speaker herself has used in many situations and we would now give to you this saying and allow you to understand the fullness of it. There is the saying of “me”, “myself” and “I”. If you were to see yourself as the “me”, and were you to look upon us as “yourself”, then in all honesty the “I” is all of what you and we are in combination. However it is indeed that “I” is not simply you, as you experience yourself upon the earth, but it is all that you may see as you look about you upon the earth.

When there is harmony between the “me”, the “myself” and the “I” there is indeed great fulfillment, great power. There is, as we have given you to know before, often a kink in the pipeline and unfortunately it is often the “me”. When you are offset from that which is the will of “yourself”, which is always the will of the “I”, then you are impeding not only your own growth, not only your own potentiality, but as well the potentiality of all who you see when you look with your physical eyes. We would liken that to a songtress who has a voice sweeter than any bird, grander than any celestial choir, and yet she thinks in her shyness, in her ability to not sing openly, that she does not impede her own ability to sing but does she not impede the ability of those around her to experience a song, a tonal value, that could indeed move them, could indeed influence them, could indeed uplift them?

Each of you who do not allow that which you are in your grandest expression to flow through, who would hide your light beneath a basket, are impeding not only your own enrichment, your own fulfillment but you are impeding everyone within this room, within this city, within this country. For when the “I” is allowed to flow freely as it always is to “yourself”, when it is allowed to flow as freely to the “me” that you are then entire segments of your world will be radically altered. Entire ideologies that have not served will be eradicated. Each of you who doubt, who fear, who say to yourself, “Oh, I cannot do that” you are not but placing a basket upon your own light, upon your own glory and we say to you it is not that you must do this but rather that you choose to do this.

There is one within the room who has great power and she finds baskets of many shapes, many sizes, to place over who she is and we say that it is a drama, it is a point of humor for us sometimes to see this and yet if she were to live without baskets then the glory of all of her trinity would shine forth. For is “me”, “myself” and “I” not a trinity, is it not a synergy, is it not a union? So if the baskets were laid to the wayside then the greatest amount of the trinity could flow, could be brought forward into your time and space and there would be therefore an eradication of fear in others in surrounding areas simply through attunement, through the entraining of another.

Each of you who are now working to be as full as you may be, you are stepping forward to be as guides for others, and yet we say to you that you do not yet know of your own brilliance and so you often rush forward for your baskets and it is our purpose today to say to you that in the glory of the trinity unrestricted there is great works that may unfold for as you shine your light, for as you speak forward your truths, as you simply walk forward in your knowingness, as you pass those who pass you there is an attunement, there is an uplifting. It might not be visible, it might not be understood by those whom you pass and yet it is and yet it will be and yet it is always the truth.

Do not hide behind your own defense mechanisms. Do not hide behind that which would hide you, camouflage you, for each of you have come so far in negating that which has separated you from a greater and a far wider potential. We have been with great pride at the strides that many of you have made and so now we act as cheerleaders along the sidelines for as you run the race so to are we running the race and as you are nearing the finishing line we understand that the moment you are stepping fully across it we are becoming you and you will be as us. It will indeed be a moment to cheer and so we say to you now: from you to you with affection.

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Rose Campbell is a clairaudient channel for the realm of Spirit and has been working at mastering her gift for 20 years. Her work is varied and has many facets. Begin your journey with Rose's work at:
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