Goal Reviews are THE Single Most Important Step in the Goal Achievement Process and Should a Part of Everyones Routine

Most people are certain to take time everyday to review their schedule or calendar but it is even more important to be sure that Goals are reviewed also. A lack of regular Goal Reviews is probably the most common reason for failure in goal setting. There is no doubt that defining a list of goals and recording them is a great start towards achievement but it is only a start. As a matter of fact it is virtually impossible for anyone to even determine what their true goals are in one sitting. Goal Achievement is an ongoing process that requires attention and persistence. Spending as little as 15 minutes reviewing your Goals everyday makes a world of difference towards reaching your goals. Just remember that every minute you spend even thinking about a Goal brings you a step closer to achievement.

Goal Reviews are Necessary Because They:

  • Solidify your goals and keep them fresh in your mind
    Build excitement and motivation towards achievement
    Help you make big decisions, set priorities, and define new goals
    Keep you focused on what's important
    Make you aware of your progress
    Allow you to make adjustments and improve your Goals
    Give you a high level framework from which to create your daily schedule and todo list
  • Goal reviews are most effective when performed the first thing everyday. One of the great things about starting your day with a Goal Review is that it keeps your true priorities and objectives fresh on your mind for the rest of the day. Your efforts will be more focused towards the achievement of your Goals and you will refer to your goals throughout the day getting ideas that you can use to adjust, change, or add to your goals. Through this process your Goals list will be fine tuned and dialed in over time.

    The Goal Review Process

    MyGoalManager.com's service effortlessly guides you through Goal Reviews by breaking them down into a logical process. The "My Critical Goals" page will automatically search your goals for important items that need attention and present them to you in order of importance using the priorities you have set. A Goal Review involves the following 3 main steps:

    Find and Address Current Important Pending Issues in Your Goals Plan
    Thoroughly read through each of your goals and your plan of action
    Determine if changes are necessary and modify if needed

    1. Find and Address Important Pending Issues in Your Goals Plan

    A few of the most important items to address during the Review include:
    Mark Goals or Steps that are now completed as attained
    Log achievement for recurring Steps and monitor progress
    Address Goals or Steps that are currently past their deadline
    Examine Goals or Steps that have had their deadlines extended several times
    Become aware of Goals or Steps that are coming due very soon
    Watch out for Goals or Steps whose achievement could conflict with one another
    Be careful of any Goal whose achievement is dependent on the achievement of other Goals
    Remove Goals that are not aligned with your values, purpose, or true desires
    After MyGoalManager.com's service finds critical issues in your Goal Plan it gives you guidance and make suggestions on possible actions to take.

    2. Read through each of your Goals

    After taking care of any pending issues in your Goal Plan the next step is to carefully read through each and every Goal and Step in your Plan. During the review question everything and don't take anything for granted. Look at things from a whole new fresh perspective every time you preform a review. Carefully examine your goal statements, deadlines, importance ratings, motivational statements, and commitments made. This step can also be very helpful for making decisions. You can look through your goals and their importance to you to make your decisions easier.

    3. Determine if changes are necessary and modify

    After reading through your full Goals Plan you may find that there are things that need to be changed in your Goal Plan. You may want to re-word a Goal Statement, move a deadline, modify a Goal's Plan of Action, create a new Goal, or even delete a goal that is simply no longer important. A review should either nudge you into immediate action or force you to make changes to your Goals. It's important to be flexible and change your plan of action when it is not taking you closer to your Goal's Achievement or is progressing too slowly. Some goals you may wish to drop if situations have changed. Changes will occur most right after you first define new goals but over time you will notice that they will change a lot less.

    Keeping Current with Your Goal Reviews

    Keeping up with goal reviews is very important because people become more effective at anything they do by repetition and Goal Setting and Achievement are no different. No Goal Plan will work if it is not followed and maintained on a regular basis. To ensure that thorough Goal Reviews are preformed properly and regularly be sure to make MyGoalManager.com's "My Home" page your browsers home page. This will allow you see pending Goal Plan issues every time you begin using the Internet. This will also remind you to clear out all items needing your attention on your "My Home" page everyday. Click here to review your goals or create a new account if don't already have a Goals account.

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