As our lives become more complex so do our planner needs. Adopting one system and keeping your information centralized in one location is the key to staying organized.

Some benefits of a paper planning system are:

o It is always on. When you want to make a note, you can do so without having to turn on your computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).
o It is inexpensive. A good planner system to help you keep track of your events, appointments, tasks to do list, important dates and addresses cost starts around $75.
o No danger of crashing. About the only way you would lose all your data in a paper planner would be if you lost it.
o Always ready. A paper planner has no batteries to recharge or replace.

Some benefits of using a PDA planning system are:

o No re-writing necessary. Tasks can be carried over to the next day.
o Mobility. PDA’s are much lighter than a paper planner and takes up less space in your briefcase, car or on a plane.
o Audio bells and whistles. Some PDA systems have built-in alarms to remind you of appointments. Some also have a warning system to let you know when one appointment conflicts with another.
o Easy to consolidate information. A PDA can be synched with your office computer, your home computer and an administrative assistant’s computer.

Some benefits of using Microsoft Outlook as your planning system:

o No re-writing necessary. Tasks can be carried over to the next day.
o Inexpensive. Outlook alone can be purchased for around $100.
o Audio bells and whistles. Outlook warns of scheduling conflicts. It has alarms to remind you of appointments and tasks.
o Easy update for contacts. Contact information can be easily updated without crossing out or using Wite-Out.
o Stationary, but mobile. An Outlook planner can’t get lost or misplaced because your planner is on your computer. You can print out one day, a week, or a month at a time to take with you on days you are not by your computer. You can also print out addresses, one or all of them, for trips.

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