To survive in the affiliate marketing world, you need to be sure that you have the right tools. Don't start with the cheapest things you because I can guarantee that once your business start to take off, you will regret your choice.

Be sure to think twice before you make an investment in any of the tools I will recommend. Remember, the cheapest doesn't mean that it;s good for your business.

1. Your website

If you are really serious about affiliate marketing, you are going to use a website, there's no doubt about it. To build your site, there are free an paid tools.

If you are going to build a simple landing page, the free nvu or sea monkey (previously netscape composer) will make it.

However if you intend to build a bigger review site for example, you mau need to invest in a more sophisticated software like dreamweaver.

2. Your web hosting

Again, be sure that you choose a good web hosting like blue host or midphase. I use the ultimate marketing center which is excellent. It's not cheap, I pay $19.95 per month, but I can sleep well because I know that my websites are up and running.

I remember when I was in a coaching program and one of our duty was to create an adwords campaign. I did it, and my buddies as well. We were seventy in this program.

Several members chose to host their websites with an unknown company recommended by the coach himself. I used my due diligence and decided not to use this web hosting service because it was brand new, and there wasn't any proof that it was reliable.

Do you want to know what happened next?

The campaign was running, and almost all these members were paying click without making any money because the web host was down.

I didn't have this problem

Remember, whenever you invest in your affiliate marketing tools, choose the best.

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