The days are getting longer and gardeners are sketching out what their piece of heaven will look like this year. Adding new plants, and flowers always gives freshness and vitality to any garden space. There are a few things to consider when planting any new tree, flower, bush or plant according to Feng Shui doctrine.

-Make sure that the energy level of the plant has an upward Chi’ flow and not a downward one. Most plants grow in an upward direction, this is good, energetic Chi’. But, certain specimens, i.e., a Weeping Willow, have a downward or negative Chi’ flow. This is not auspicious.

-Be aware of cutting Chi’ energy. Sharp, pointy, spiked specimens epitomize cutting Chi’. They also are harmful to touch. Think of roses with thorns, bougainvillea, holly trees, cactus…… get the idea…..Ouch!

-Vines that climb and overtake trees, small bushes and even houses, must be maintained. If they are not cut back, they become Sha, or negative Chi’ energy. Examples of this: Ivy, Wisteria & Climbing Bittersweet.

-Plant hearty, native specimens in your garden. Unhealthy, weak dying plants or flowers are undesirable Feng Shui. They also are considered Sha energy. Not to mention the fact, that they become an eye sore and you may have to replace the weak plants. This, of course, is not cost efficient. Buy only from reliable sources; this will help to ensure beautiful plant specimens.

Feng Shui and the land are very intertwined. By following a few simple Feng Shui rules, you will ensure that the Chi’ (life force energy) will flow throughout your garden. By surrounding yourself with healthy, beautiful plants your garden will not only be Feng Shui correct, it will be a joy to live with.

Author's Bio: 

Ellie Marshall has studied with the most respected masters in the art of Feng Shui. She blends her Feng Shui training along with her corporate background at Seventeen Magazine and American Express, which make her a truly unique, intuitive Feng Shui Practitioner. Her area of expertise is working with and teaching large corporations, such as PepsiCo, Crain's Investment News & Houlihan Lawerence. She does on site residential and commercial consultations all over the world. She lives in Westchester County,NY and has a strong client base in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield County. During her 1982 visit to China, she was honored by receiving a private tour of the Forbidden City & a rare, old Feng Shui book from a Feng Shui Grandmaster. Her love of this ancient art was then kindled.