Before “What the Bleep” . . . before “The Secret” and any other similar movie since . . . there was a film that provided The Key. And, it was so subtle (yet obvious, now) I only just got it nearly two decades later. And, just when I needed it.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, “Field of Dreams,” I suggest you get it. The lead character, Ray Kinsella, is a man who has a wounded heart and mind. The wound filters into most areas of his life: though he has a loving relationship with his wife and daughter, he doesn’t think much of himself or how his life has played out, isn’t motivated by more than basic passions, and feels the dullness of an unfulfilled spirit.

Ray hears a voice that tells him, “If you build it, he will come,” and sees a vision to plow some of his planted corn and build a baseball field. No one hears the voice but Ray. It nudges him until he finally tells his wife that if he doesn’t follow this crazy impulse, he’s terrified of becoming just like his father: old and worn out before his time. He builds the field; and baseball greats appear out of the corn that’s still planted, and the magic really unfolds.

Ray has removed and built what was necessary at the outer level; but there’s more to be done at the inner level.

Finances are tight for Ray’s family; and having less corn to harvest and sell makes it even tighter. Plus, he’s making spontaneous, costly-for-them trips to find people he’s led to find through dreams and other means. When he returns home, he’s watching a baseball game going on in his field . . . a game being played by beings only he, his wife and daughter, and a famous author who returned with him, can see. His brother-in-law arrives with a contract for Ray to sign that turns over his home and farm to the new mortgage owners. Ray holds the contract and pen and looks at the players on the field, then shifts so he can go eye-to-eye with Shoeless Joe Jackson. Shoeless Joe does what he always did (while alive) when the game was tight and a player was at bat: He shifted his position into a half-crouch and focused his attention to watch every nuance of the batter to anticipate the batter’s next move, in this case, Ray.

The reason this movie and one particular moment is being shared here with you is because of something that happened during my morning meditation. The Law of Attraction has worked for me for . . . well, always, if you understand the Law; but my conscious awareness and use of it started several decades ago. However, something was missing. Evidence of this was in my life experiences. Several weeks back, I stated to myself, “There’s a switch that needs to be flipped inside me, and I’m going to find it.”

The last several weeks have been amazing, frustrating, scary, and filled with an intense inner exploration to find the switch. I did discover that doubt negates any affirmation we make; and I knew I had to find the key or switch that helped me remove doubt . . . which, based on how the Law works, meant I had to find a way to only hold doubt’s opposite: faith.

I’m visual by nature. My mind plays with images at all times when I read or listen to someone speak. Naturally, when I meditate, I find it’s stronger for me if I play a movie in my mind with however many characters I need to cast. In my vision (which I use often) I have a cast of gazillions of ethereal, somewhat embodied beings that cheer me and support me. This morning, as I “went” to that space to discuss faith and fear with my primary helper, I found a contract awaiting my signature.

The contract was my agreement to embrace fear, worry, doubt, concern, dullness, lack, and any and every not-good experience and feeling you can imagine. This was a brilliant way to present this to myself because I know that faith and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time, and that I’ll manifest some or all of whichever is strongest inside of me.

The choice seemed clear, don’t you think? Before I continue, in whatever way works for you, imagine that contract in front of you now. Since no one is reading your mind, what are your honest feelings about signing it? Remember, this is a life-long commitment you’re about to make. Think of the implications. How will you have to behave if you sign it? This includes how you choose, hold, and live your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. You’re on the verge of signing up for Absolute Faith, always and in all ways.

This moment in my meditation is when the movie memory was triggered. You see, my gazillion team members, as a whole, took the position Shoeless Joe Jackson did when Ray stood there holding the contract (waiting and watching to anticipate my next move). I looked at them, then back at the contract. I felt the hesitation. It was that realization we believe we understand Ray to face: Sign and end the “struggle” of the moment OR risk the lenders taking his property, everyone in the county who already thinks he’s not “dealing with a full deck” believe he’s crazy and irresponsible, and trust what he’s already seen and experienced that defies “reality.” The moment Ray refuses to sign, another message is delivered to him. Because he made his choice for absolute faith rather than fear, all that he needed, all that was waiting to come to him began to arrive.

Faith and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Your contract is in front of you, the pen is in your hand.

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