Coaching to many people is still very much of a mystery. So, which coach will be the right one for your challenge?

You know you need help with office systems, your time management is a mess, you’ve gained a few pounds and need some help with the maze of physical fitness and diet programs , there’s a lot of miscommunication on your team, you need better PR for your business, or you are just plain scared about taking the next step. If any of these are familiar, a coach can help you ease the pain and reach your greatest goals.

How do you select the right coach? Often that is the most confusing part. Multiple needs call for multiple coaches. You can be very specific as to your challenges. Ask if the person had been trained and certified as a coach.

Let’s discuss one particular coach and how to do a match up.

Coach Evelyn is a certified organizational coach. She prefers to work with a person who has a home office. She will first interview you, in order to understand your personality and the manner in which you function. In order to select the right way to coach you she needs to know how to set the pace, your behavioral thinking and your goals. By doing a phone interview she can answer your questions and you can answer hers. Both of you will have a feeling on the match. She needs to create a safe environment for you and you need to feel supported in your organizing journey. Being disorganized can cost you time and money and actually prevent you from allowing and letting new things come into your life. Coach Evelyn also has earned certification in working with ADD and ADDH personalities and the method for their progress and understanding is totally different. She will help you with a plan of organizing that fits your schedule, your stress and your learning style. Frequently people will take pictures of their office and email to her. Then, she can suggest a method of better efficiency in your layout. It is always a fulfilling journey for both the coach and the PBC (person being coached).

This is why firm of specialty coaches has been established so the specific needs of all individuals can be met.

At Coaching Firm International you will be interviewed and together, your and your general coach will determine what type of specialty coach would best suit you and your needs. We prioritize the order of your challenges and a wonderful journey begins --goals will be met, fun will be added and your spirit in living will be honored.

Feel free to call us for a consultation and a taste of this wonderful experience which will be life changing.

Author's Bio: 

June Davidson - Founder of Coaching Firm International, Founder of International Education Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to support young people's education, Director of the Pasadena Chapter of For You Network, and the National Association of Female Executives-Entrepreneurs. She is also currently serving on the Board of Regents for National Heritage Foundation.

June is an internationally recognized trainer, author, certified action coach and one of the most sought after conference speakers. She trains CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs to become powerful leaders and effective communicators.

For more than 15 years, June Davidson has specialized in research and training for: Leadership, Certified Seminar Leading, and Certified Coaching. She also teaches courses that offer Continuing Education Units for: PhD Therapists, LCSW, CPA, Attorneys, and Doctors, and teaches on the campus at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

une has authored of over 20 teaching manuals covering such topics as customer service, communication, stress, goal setting, selling, financial and lifestyle protection, and ethics.

She is the author of:

Coaching The Millionaire Within
Marketing Your Coaching Practice with Seminars
And Co-author of:

Millionaire Blueprint For Women (Soon to be released)
She has written numerous E-Books and articles, all of which have been published domestically and internationally. Her expertise covers such a multitude of topics, she has become a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and conventions.

She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Bucharest, Romania teaching Leadership Skills for Women, Certified Seminar Leaders Training, Certified Action Coaching And Marketing, and Communication Skills for Executives.

She was awarded First Place in the Educational Division at Invention Convention, an international event, for outstanding educational material, design, dynamics and marketing for businesses.

Her corporate clients include:

State Farm